10 Custom Gift Box Ideas to Delight Your Loved Ones This Time

10 Custom Gift Box Ideas to Delight Your Loved Ones This Time

Gifts are the symbol of care because you spend your most valuable time and money on others. It’s a saying that gifts create immense love between people. It regenerates loyalty and respect for you. Moreover, giving gifts makes you more relaxed than receiving a gift when you go one step ahead with customized gift boxes, which means a lot, which will be an excellent experience for everyone. No matter if it’s a birthday, Halloween, marriage anniversary, or any other event, you can celebrate with custom-designed dedicated boxes with awesome gifts inside.

These days companies love to give gifts to their staff or loyal customers, and they order custom boxes at bulk and wholesale rates. This article shares ten ideas for custom gift boxes you may want for your company anniversary or other delightful events.

1-Use Kitchen Theme

Ladies love to make their kitchen cleaner and look nicer in every aspect. You can give them a kitchen-themed custom box filled with lovely and tidy kitchen items. You can send kitchen-themed gifts to all your loyal customers or lady’s staff you had. This gift will be a different design and style of care ever given.

2- Use Book Theme

A printing press should use these book-themed customized boxes filled with the most sold book of the year to their staff for free. The specific theme creates a pleasant feeling and extraordinary psychological effect on the mind. A book packed in a regular grey box won’t make such effects as a customized experience does.

3- Customized Belt Box for Men

There are tons of possibilities when you go to a customized experience of gifts and Packaging. There are customized window boxes available that show your premium-packed gift inside, and your company name and logo may sit at the corner to show respect and love for your male staff. A customized belt box is an excellent choice for a birthday or any other event.

4-Eye Catching Apparel Gift Boxes

People celebrate many occasions at different times. Customized experience of the apparel gift box at a party or anniversary will be a great selection. Apparel boxes come in different shapes and styles according to the gift being packed. You can select any trendy box design like window boxes, partitioned boxes, drawer boxes to impress your loved ones.

5-Eco-Friendly Gift Pack

You can enclose office desk items like pencil box diaries and pouches made of natural materials and use a customized box that is eco-friendly to promote environmental protection and green natural products. For example, use kraft boxes or corrugated boxes made of natural ingredients.

6-Cosmetic Packaging

Cosmetics come in different shapes, and you cannot put them into some regular box and send them as a gift. However, customized packages can help fit cosmetics in a gift pack very efficiently. 

For example, you can pack eyelashes in a windowed box to give a premium look outside and perfumes in a solid pack to save from damage. 

7- Write Receiver Names on Gift

It is researched and proved that if you call someone with the correct name, this creates the best feeling in their heart, as stated by Google. Try to print the receiver’s name on the gift for a more premium feel. Many writing styles are available for printing these days, like UV, Embossed, Debossed, Raised Ink, and Foil stamping; you can choose according to the occasion.

8- Use Rigid Gift Packaging

People like it more when packaging and boxes are reusable and robust. So select a rigid custom box for your gifts. The memory of your present will last longer than usual non-reusable packaging. These strongboxes also help protect your precious, valuable present if you decide to parcel it.

9-Get a Cocktail Box for Party

You can present a beautifully designed cocktail box that is both preventable and safe for drinks at a party. So, get a custom-designed premium box for your office party or family gathering.

10-Ring Box

The marriage ceremony is the most memorable moment for the whole family where everyone is looking towards the couple. You can make this even more delightful by having a custom-designed ring box for the couple. There are tons of customizations you can do to the ring box. For example, you may choose velvet material for printing with the names of the couple written on it in embossed style.


On any occasion or event for your company, family, or friends gathering, you can use an attractive enclosure to give an immense look to your present or give away. Your custom boxes will be a walking marketing gift pack from the company and enhance the value of your business.

People like to share their happiness on social media, so trying to make people happy will bring you joy and increase the value to the business. We at Stampa Prints work hard to support you in selecting the best gift packaging and bringing happiness to your loved ones or loyal customers. We are providing custom-designed boxes at wholesale rates that will fulfill your desires and be economical for the pocket. So, visit our website, select any design and let us know. You will get the best packaging in very little time.