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10 Iconic Lighting Design Ideas for Hotels

10 Iconic Lighting Design Ideas for Hotels

If you are a hotel owner then do not let the poor lighting system downfall your ratings! A good lighting system plays a vital role in any commercial building, especially hotels. If visitors are complaining about the dim and bad lighting in your hotel rooms then it means you should take some immediate measures. 

Some tips and tricks are listed below: 

1. Hire a Professional Planner

It is a fact that when the hotel lighting system is done well then nobody observes it but when it is not done well then everyone notices the lighting system of your hotel. 

You should plan it by calling a professional like electrician North Shore in your area. With the help of the right electrical system designer, you can create a positive first impression on your hotel visitors. 

2. Never Go out of the Boundary 

Classic and luxurious lamps can act as a central focal point for hotel visitors but it is also mandatory that they fit inside your hotel. Deploy some attractive lamps in your hotel rooms and highlight the architectural or decorative aspects over there. Good lamps will help in creating its flair and defining its concept.

3. Adjustable Lighting System

Traditionally separate spaces are maintained for foyer, restaurant, bar and reception area. But now people love to have free-flow spaces where multiple things are going on in just one place. 

Therefore, a lighting system with an adjustable brightness level needs to be installed by calling a qualified professional in your area such as electrician lower North Shore. 

This lighting system will fulfil the requirement of free-flow space. For instance, morning breakfast does not require bright light overhead but dinner time needs shiny bright and illuminated surfaces, with adjustable lighting system you can easily vary the brightness level and fulfil the demand of customers. This will let you maintain a cozier atmosphere.  

4. All Areas Should Be Well Illuminated 

While decorating a hotel with a good lighting system, corridors are usually overlooked. As corridors form an important section because they connect foyers to the rooms, therefore, these should be well illuminated. 

If anything goes wrong, any lighting fixture stops working, any spark appeared in an outlet them immediately call a local reliable electrician who is ready to offer their services anytime.

5. Room Lighting Should Be Flexible

Hotels rooms are used for multiple purposes- official meetings stay while on family trips, etc. Thus, it is mandatory to make the hotel room lights flexible to change according to the needs. It should provide bright illumination so that you can work efficiently and provide a cozy environment so that you can sleep well. 

6. Never Make It Complicated For Your Guests 

People usually find it difficult to find the bathroom light switches and it is annoying enough. Your lighting system should be easily recognizable. Your guest should not find any difficulty in finding hotel room switches. 

If you want to introduce the latest technology system then provide useful information on a smartphone application. This will guide your guests and help them in managing everything.  

7. Make It Qualitative

Recall how many guests stay in your hotel every day, every week, every year.  There will be extensive use of lighting fixtures, especially in the hotel rooms where guests control the lights by themselves. That means your lighting fixture will deteriorate immediately. 

To ensure their longevity install durable and energy-efficient lighting fixtures such as LED and CFLs. To install durable lighting fixtures call professionals who offer their services anytime such as emergency electrician North Shore Sydney.

8. Offer Good Lighting for Diverse Events 

As it is already discussed, hotels are used for wide purpose, from official meetings to wedding reception. People who have booked the hotel for the wedding party may not like the lightings system used for official work purposes and vice versa. To overcome this problem provides options to your guests. 

You should provide them with options to choose the color of lights, adjustable dimmers to change the brightness and multiple lighting fixtures to fit their needs. For all events ensure the proper lighting system for your guest. 

Also, you can implement the latest technology system where you can pre-define settings for different functions. This will save your time and you immediately switch ‘day mode lighting’ to “evening reception” to “conference”.

9. Allow Natural Light

In traditional hotel conference rooms, no daylight was allowed to enter. But, now the scenario has been changed! No more conference rooms are constructed without windows. Present-day hotel conference rooms are designed with lots of windows that let the natural sunlight inside the room and maximizing wall space for projections. 

Nowadays, people also prefer to book only those conference rooms where daylight is available. Therefore, you should always incorporate natural light in your plan while planning the lighting system of your hotel.

10. Install Energy-Efficient Lighting Fixtures

Hotel is a commercial building and constructed mainly to owe profit. If you want to increase your monthly profit then install the LED lighting system. The advancement of LED technology has led to this being the most used lighting in hotels. 

It is stated by the noteworthy designers that they are the state of art in terms of designing too. The existing lamps in hotels are well replaced by the LED due to its cost efficiency as well as energy efficiency.