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10 Of The Coolest Kitchen Gadgets For Busy Moms

10 Of The Coolest Kitchen Gadgets For Busy Moms

Kids are such fussy eaters that moms have to innovate in the kitchen all the time to make sure the little ones are eating. There’s never any time to waste in the kitchen, and they have to storm through. The only thing that can help is a collection of the coolest kitchen gadgets for busy moms.

From a BBQ grill to an instant chopper – kitchen gadgets can multi-task and get things done faster. These kitchen gadgets also add a touch of innovation through simplicity to your kitchen! Check out our favorite kitchen gadgets catalog and find out the equipment that you didn’t know you needed!

Coolest Kitchen Gadgets For Mom

Whether you’re buying kitchen gadgets gifts or some cool equipment for yourself, you must remember that kitchen gadgets should be fun to use, so the user enjoys innovating food that will make everyone in the house happy. Here’s a kitchen gadgets list for all moms!

  1. Hamilton Beach Electric Kettle

An electric kettle is one of the handiest kitchen gadgets whenever you need some hot water – to thaw frozen peas, cook instant Ramen, or relieve a cough in the middle of the night. These kitchen gadgets deliver hot water in the blink of an eye. The Hamilton Beach kettle comes with multiple temperature controls and a “keep warm” option.

  1. Black + Decker Air Fryer Toaster Oven

To serve some finger-licking fried food to the fussy kids while successfully keeping them away from oil, an air fryer is one of the must-have kitchen gadgets. The multi-tasking air-fryer from the house of Black + Decker allows you to do just that. It doubles as a regular toaster oven, besides baking delicious pizzas, brownies, or casseroles.

  1. Cuisinart 5-in-1 Griddler

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, a multi-purpose griddle can be your little kitchen elf. From grilled chicken to burger pattie – you can make anything at home with such kitchen gadgets. The griddle from Cuisinart has two griddle plates that are hinged together. You can flatten them out for a larger area or use them as a panini press.

meat with tomatoes is cooked on an griddler

  1. Crock-Pot Programmable Slow Cooker

Electric crock pots are the kitchen gadgets to depend on at the end of a busy day. All you need to do is throw in the flavorful goodies and have a one-pot recipe in 30 minutes. With the Crock-Pot programmable slow cooker, you can also enjoy a melt-in-your-mouth slow-cooked dish. It’s one of the must-have kitchen gadgets for potlucks, too!

  1. Ninja Mega Blender/Food Processor

Time flies inside the kitchen – and it’s usually because of all the prepping. Good food processors are the lifesaving kitchen gadgets that drastically reduce prep time by speeding the process. The Ninja Mega, a multi-purpose food processor, is all you need, as it will do everything – chopping, juicing, blending, and mixing dough – in just 30 seconds!

  1. Miku Kitchen Chopping Scissors

Kitchen scissors are extremely useful, whether you want to shred veggies or shear meat. Now, one of the latest kitchen gadgets is a pair of chopping scissors, like the one by Miku. These unique kitchen gadgets have a small chopping board on one blade. You can just cut or shred directly into a bowl without a work surface or cutting board. 

  1. Cuisinart Hand Blender

Whether you want to make breakfast smoothies, froth chocolate milk, or puree hot soup, hand blenders are kitchen gadgets that work like a magic wand. You won’t need to transfer anything into a food processor. Just dip the bender in and give it a whizz! The Cuisinart hand blender can reach deep into any pot and get the job done in one touch!

  1. Aicok Food Steamer

Did you know that steamed food is healthier than boiled food? Steaming maintains the nutrients of the veggies, meat, legumes, etc. Besides, it retains the freshness and crunch. The Aicok food steamer is one of those kitchen gadgets that offer a healthy cooking solution. With three stackable baskets, you can cook more. You can even steam dumplings in it!

preparing vegetables for cooking in a food steamer

  1. Hamilton Beach Popcorn Popper

A popcorn maker is one of the best kitchen gadgets to serve healthy snacks for everyone. Popcorn is the universal favorite snack, and it’s light and wholesome, too. Try the Hamilton Beach popcorn maker to pop the kernels. You can use butter and cheese if you want the movie-theatre experience, or simply make plain popcorn with nothing but hot air!  

  1. Hungry Fan Thermal Bag and Non-Electric Slow Cooker

An insulated portable slow-cooker that uses no electricity sounds like one of the best kitchen gadgets you could use on the morning of a picnic, camping trip, or game. You don’t have to wake up early to cook and pack lunch. The Hungry Fan thermal bag will cook your food on the go! It will even keep cooked food hot – or your beer chilled!


These are some of the kitchen gadgets must haves that will not just make things faster and easier. These kitchen gadgets will also allow a busy mom to have fun around the kitchen. Why just moms? These are kitchen gadgets everyone needs! Did we miss your favorite kitchen gadgets? Don’t forget to tell us about some of the fun tools that you’ve managed to pick up at a kitchen gadgets store!

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