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11 Tips to Bring Smile on Your Parents Face

Smile on parents face

In our life, we do 8 hour job to get money. Why I am starting the article with this line? As
per the research, being a mother is equal to doing 2.5 jobs a day. A father coming home
from a job and then spending quality time with children. The point I am making is we and
our parents are connected with each other.

And yet we do face challenges in one of our most important relationship in our life,


In our life what are the important points we include? Monday to Friday job,household
work, children & their school, their health. One thing we forget to mention as important
which is Spending time with our parents.

Spending Time:-

1.  Can you make a morning Chai for them or perhaps some Toast or Paratha? Say to
them “Aaj main chai and breakfast Banaaogi/Banaoonga”

2. An evening walk with them will go a long mile in your relations.

3. How about post dinner chats or calls if you are away??? You being there and
spending time or talking to them is most important to them.

These are the memories you will cherish forever and this will bring mile to your face!!

Doing Small things:-

4. Making handmade cards or bring them gifts? They do not need big and costly gifts,
they just need our presence and that we care for them.

5.  Taking them for shopping and tell them “Jo kharidna hai kharid lo”

6. How about the game of card, carom or chess?? Tell them “chalo khelte hai and aaj
toh aap haar jaaoge”.

These small cute actions enhance the quality of life!!


There will be difference of opinion when two different generation people interact together
like in talking about investments, buying home, job, life partner etc. Emotions run high
when we talk about it.


7.  Share your concern and ask advice from them and involve them in important
choices you are making. They would be on the top of their world that you included
them in what is important to you.

8.  Listen to their concerns and assure them that you are with them. Listening is as
important as talking. Hear them out even when you don’t agree.

Sharing is how good memories are created!!


Did you ever had a feeling that your parents are very hard to understand?? or did you had a feeling that these children just don’t get it????. Here no one is wrong, this is a Generation
gap. It’s all in our mind!!!!

Bridge the gap:-

9. Don’t assume that your parents will not listen to you. They are listening to you since you were born and they will listen to you forever.

10. Explain the reason of your choices. Ask yourself is this really your choice or Am I
proving something?

11. Tell the truth, your parents know when you lie.

A beautiful relationship with our parents is Blessing. After all how you treat your
parents may determine how your children will treat you!!!!!

Share with me the ideas you follow to bring a smile on your parents face!!!!!