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13 Tips To Crack CNA Exams In 2020

13 Tips To Crack CNA Exams In 2020

So you have completed your training and almost done with your Certified Nursing Assistant program. Well, this isn’t the end of the line, at least not yet. You have to go one last endeavor before getting certified and that is the CNA Exams. This exam contains both written and practical portions for the candidate.

The purpose is to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the concepts studied in CNA training. You must be both mentally and physically prepared to undergo this challenge. We have collected some helpful tips to make you crack this exam successfully

Choose the Right School

The school that offered the CNA training program directly affects your performance results in exams. Before you select a school, make sure that it is accredited by the state and offers a standardized curriculum and top of the class certified nursing assistant training.

Show Dedication

Try to attend every single class during your training at school and grasp the concepts of training. Heed the advice from your teachers and ask questions frequently when confused. Nursing isn’t an easy field and climbing to the top of the summit is hard. It’s always good to remember your goals and stay loyal to yourself.

Keep a Positive Attitude

There will always be negativity surrounding you. Always try to appreciate your every achievement no matter how small. Self-rewarding is a good habit and encourages you to struggle more and go the extra mile.

Keep Calm

There will be times when stress will overwhelm you and make you feel like quitting. In these cases always keep your cool and try to do some stress-relieving activities such as yoga. Calm your mind, only channel in good thoughts and focus on the bigger picture to expel worries from your body.

Eat Healthily

If you always go with junk food then your body won’t be able to keep up with your day. To have a physically and mentally active state, you should adopt a more balanced diet.

Try to select food items based on their amount of nutrients not on how delicious they are. Eating a nutrient-rich diet can help you get through all the mental and physical work without tiring. Always remember to stay hydrated to keep your body temperature in check.

Have Proper Sleep Cycle

Staying up late is a one-way ticket to being exhausted during the day. This means you won’t be able to properly attempt your exam questions and increase the chances of making mistakes.

Even in the training phase, staying up late will make you unable to attend lectures with concentration and end up missing a lot of crucial concepts. Low energy throughout the day will cause you to miss out on several things that are important in maintaining a proper learning pace. Take proper rest and manage your time to allocate to your sleep a bit more.

Group Study

Studying together with your peers helps you bring new ideas to the table and also polish the old ones. This is a healthy way to challenge the concepts of each other and learn from each other’s mistakes. Also, it’s just the most fun process of proactive learning that can really help you out in exams.

Answer all Questions

It’s a given that you should always attempt all the questions given in exams, even the ones you aren’t sure about. It is better safe to be sorry and who knows, you might get it right by sheer luck. 

Practice Makes Perfect

Make sure you have revised and practiced all the textbooks and study materials. If you find a concept difficult then practice it thoroughly and try to simplify the hard bits. You can also practice via online tests and self evaluate yourself. Knowing your weaknesses and working on them is crucial to your success.

Time Is Of The Essence

Always try to be on time for the exam. It’s a good habit to arrive at least 30 mins early at the premises to account for the time needed to find your seat and settle down with things.

Have Faith In Yourself

The most important tip on this list is believing in yourself. If you have faith then you will find the strength from within to face all adversity. Whether your training in days or your exam preparation, always keep encouraging yourself and build self-belief.