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3 Tips To Prepare Amazing Lemonade For Kids With Juicer

3 Tips To Prepare Amazing Lemonade For Kids With Juicer

Summertime calls for refreshments other than water and soft drinks simply don’t make the mark. The processed beverages are high in sugar and unhealthy. Homemade lemonade with a juicer is your kid’s best friend this summer to stay refreshed and healthy. When you need other healthy recipes and tips for moms, be sure to visit

The Easiest and Simplest Homemade Lemonade:

The simplest lemonade is not just a refreshment for parched throats but is nutritious as well. The lemon in the lemonade supplies Vitamin C while the water flushes out the toxins and the sugar gives you instant energy. If you are on a keto diet, you can skip the sugar and use Stevia or honey. If you are using electric juicers, peel the lemons to avoid the skin getting mixed in the juice.

Lemonade with lemon juice and sugar-recipe-servings for 8 people:

Are you using a handheld juicer? We use it when we have the kids around eager to display their culinary skills. This tip will make it easier to juice the lemons, then:

Before you squeeze out the juice, roll the lemons in your palms to make them warmer. Warmed lemons are softer and have a better circulation of juice within, thus making it easier to squeeze the juice. Now slice the lemon in half, in a cross-section. Place one of the halves on the top juicer, the cut-side facing downwards, and twist by applying pressure.  The juice will be extracted smoothly the more you twist. Now, the recipe:


●       Fresh, organic lemons (6 or 8, if medium-sized, 4, if large)

●       honey/Stevia/granulated sugar- 1 ½ cup sugar, honey-2 tablespoons

●       cold, purified water-6-7 cups


a)      We will juice the lemons with a juicer. While you can use an electric one to save time, handheld juicers are safer. Once you have the juice, remove the seeds from the squeezer. You can add the lemon pulp to the beverage as per your choice. For pulp-free lemonade with a juicer, strain it through a sieve.

b)      How to make lemonade with lemon juice and simple syrup? Stirring the sugar in cold water won’t help as it may percolate down. If you cannot grind the sugar into powder, simmer it in hot water until it completely dissolves to prepare the syrup. Refrigerate the syrup till it becomes ice-cold.

c)      Now add the lemon juice to the syrup and stir thoroughly. Garnish with ice cubes and lemon slices and serve. Your fresh lemonade with a juicer is ready!

2.   Could It Be Any Fruitier? Cherry Lemonade For The Kids With a Sparkling Twist:

We added cherries to the second lemonade for kids with a juicer recipe. Cherries are natural antioxidants and keep skin youthful and supple. The sparkling water used here makes it easier to digest food, reduces appetite, and prevents constipation. For preparing the lemon juice, we used a handheld juicer and blended the cherries.

Pro tip: Want to get more experimental? Do your kids get fussy when they have to eat fruits? Troubled with a constipated stomach? Make your cherry lemonade even healthier and tangier by adding two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to the drink. Why this particular vinegar? – Because apple cider vinegar has the richness of apple and the health benefits of acetic acid. It kills the bacteria which mess with your intestinal health and makes it easier for the body to absorb insulin. If you get organic apple cider vinegar from premium brands, be sure to get proteins and antioxidants. Hence, you have good reasons to drink it for a toast to youthful skin.

Sparkling cherry lemonade with juicer:


Cherries (preferably fresh)- 3 cups

Lemons- 8

Organic sugar- 1 cup

Club soda- 6 cups

Lemon pieces and ice cubes (optional)

How to make it? :

●       Rinse the cherries in cold water and drain them of the excess water. Now stem and pit them using a cherry pitter.

●       Blend the cherries and granulated sugar to make a smooth cherry puree.

●       Squeeze out lemon juice from lemons using a juicer to make approximately one cup of juice.

●       Now pour the lemon juice and cherry puree in a pitcher and stir thoroughly till an even mixture is formed. You have your cherry lemonade syrup.

●       To make the sparkling cherry lemonade: Put ice cubes in a glass or tumbler till its half-full. Now pour cherry lemonade syrup and club soda alternately. The proportion of cherry syrup to club soda should be ¼: ¾. Garnish with fresh cherries and serve instantly.

3.   Fun Lemonade Recipe With Juicer: Raspberry Sorbet Lemonade:

Our kids are a huge fan of ice-creams but being anxious moms, we wanted them to get some nutrition too while snacking. Hence, we combined fruits (lemons and pineapple) with ice-cream for a healthy summertime drink. Pineapple juice is recommended for treating inflammation and boosting your kids’ immunity. You can use berries as well for added doses of Vitamin C.

Pro tip: For a smooth texture, use a little less lemonade and add the tangy lemon zest for getting the right flavor. Don’t have raspberry ice cream at home?  After preparing sugar syrup, add a few drops of vanilla essence and put the vanilla-mixed syrup in the blender along with fresh raspberries, to get the sorbet puree.

Raspberry Party Punch Lemonade:

What shall we need to prepare it for 10 to 12 people?

Finely powdered organic sugar- ½ a cup

Lemons-6/8 (medium)

Fizzy beverage-3/4th of a cup (you can omit it for a healthier option)

Raspberry sherbet or any other ice-cream- 8 scoops

Pineapple juice made with an electric juicer.

Water- 3 cups


●       Prepare lemon juice with an electric squeezer.

●       Prepare the sugar syrup by boiling the sugar with one cup of water. When the sugar has completely dissolved, remove it and let the concoction cool.

●       Add two more cups of water to the syrup to dilute it. Now mix the lemon with water and add some pineapple juice to it.

●       Pour the mixture in an airtight mason jar and freeze for 4 hours. Meanwhile, scooped out some ice-cream and freeze in a baking dish covered with plastic wrap.

●       Stir the lemonade and fizzy beverage together in a punch bowl till it gets smooth.

●       Just before serving, scoop out the ice-cream and add to the lemonade so that it remains frozen.

Conclusion: While these are our suggested formulas on how to make lemonade with the juicer, you can put your own creativity to use and invent even more flavourful varieties. Did any of these recipes satisfy your child’s thirst in the sultry summer? Tell us in the comments below!

Author’s Bio: Nellie Rodriguez is a full-time mom and a part-time blogger who loves staying updated. Managing two adolescent kids is no small task and she has to often rack her mind trying to find out new ways to feed the little ones healthy food. She spends her free time binging Netflix.