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4 Glaring Signs that your Restaurant Needs Grease Trap Cleaning Right Away

4 Glaring Signs that your Restaurant Needs Grease Trap Cleaning Right Away

When you own a restaurant, serving quality food is not your only responsibility. You will have to face a fair share of hazards regarding the grease trap. And you have to prepare yourself for the worst case scenario in the case of grease trap and the clogs inside it.

A poorly maintained grease trap can often cause a lot of issues. They include clogged drains, horrible odors, health issues for staff as well as for your customers, increased fire risks and of course increased repair cost and loss due to business closure. Hence, it is a better idea that you think of cleaning and maintaining your grease traps at the right time. Now, how will you get to know that it is high time and your grease trap needs cleaning? Take a look at the following points to know more.

The Drainage is Clogged and Slow Moving

If you talk to an expert of grease trap cleaning, you will get to know that disposing oils, fats, and grease regularly into the sink with unmaintained pipes can cause clogging in it. Normally grease, fat or oil is liquid. But when they are getting accumulated regularly in the pipe of the sink, it will start forming a solid cap-like structure that will block the pipes. Now, this build up in the drain can make it hard for water to flow normally. This will eventually cause slow to zero waste movement. In any case, if this goes on for a long time, it will become quite difficult for you to keep the operations normal in your restaurant and as a result, you will have to close business for some time in order to clean and maintain it. Now, the clogged drain can be a big glaring sign that your grease traps need cleaning.

Grease is 25% or More of Total Liquid Depth

The container of the restaurant can get filled quite quickly. After all, the amount of discharge from a commercial kitchen can be huge which will cause faster filling of the chambers. Now, it is necessary that you keep track of the depth of the wastewater in the container. When the grease is 25% or more of the total liquid depth, it is necessary to call grease trap cleaning services so that they can immediately clean the chamber for you. In fact, when it is 25% filled, it is an unchallenging job for the services. When the surplus becomes more than that, it not only creates difficulty to clean the container but will also create hazards for the health of people in surrounding areas.

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When there is a Foul Smell in the Kitchen

When FOG(fats, oils, grease) start accumulating in the pipes of the sink, it starts emitting a foul smell. When you are working in the commercial kitchen for hours, it certainly produces some garbage with bad smell. But even after you dump the garbage, if you find that the smell is not leaving the space, then it is a sure sign that your pipes and traps are all filled with grease. It takes months to come to such a condition. So, if you don’t want it to be like this, it is better that you think of maintaining the traps regularly.

Grease at Unusual Places

For any commercial kitchen, cleaning is a regular exercise. But when you are seeing that even after repeated surface cleaning, you can find grease at unusual places like pipes, sewer pipes, water lines, sink and so on, it is a clear indication that the container can hold no more grease.

So, now as you know about these signs that will tell you that it is high time to clean the grease trap, look out for them. And if you find any of it, don’t hesitate to call the services.