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5 Beach Outfit Ideas Featuring One-piece Swimsuit


Summer or not, ladies are extremely fond of heating up the beach with their unparalleled charisma and out-of-this-world sense of fashion. 

In a blink of an eye, women can undeniably turn a beach into a fashion runway dressed with their fiery-hot beach outfits and oozing confidence over their body.

It doesn’t matter whether they’re going to get their skin tanned, swim and surf with their girlfriends, or simply hang out and enjoy the nightlife at the beach while taking a generous sip of their most-adored margarita drink.

Now, if you feel like you need of satisfying your thirst over a new beach outfit ideas, just know that you’ve come down on the right pages. 

This article will make it easier for you as it rounded up the 5 of the best-suggested beach outfits you can do with a one-piece swimwear.  

So, what are you waiting for? Read and see how this swimsuit can change your beach fashion game in just a snap!

One-piece swimsuit + denim shorts + sunnies

One-piece swimsuit + denim shorts + sunnies

The first outfit on the list is the combination of a one-piece swimwear [of your choice] and denim shorts – it’s up to your taste if you’ll be putting on a belt or not. 

If you feel like this combo is going to look a little off, well, don’t worry, because these two can easily get along like a burger and fries.  

This outfit sums up the look best-suited especially if you’re still not in the mood for taking a plunge into the water but literally want to feel the beach vibe. 

You know, just add some 90-esque round sunnies and your outfit will totally burst into cuteness. 

What you’ll like more about this beach outfit is that you can also wear it even on a casual day. 

Just slip on to your one-piece swimwear and denim shorts, and Voila!… you’re done and ready to rock on the road!

One-piece swimsuit + bandana + rattan bag + sunnies

One-piece swimsuit + bandana + rattan bag + sunnies

Next on the list is perfect for ladies who just want to look sassy and cute while having a little fun time chit-chatting with their besties at the beach.

Just get the classiest one-piece swimsuit you have in your closet, add that bandana you’ve been keeping for ages, and slay your beach outfit with a rattan bag and round sunnies of your choice.

And once you try this beach outfit, you’ll realise that you never felt more like a lady before until you put these combinations on!

One-piece swimsuit + cover-ups + belt + jewellery

One-piece swimsuit + cover-ups + belt + jewellery

Pairing your plain-coloured one-piece swimsuit with an ethereal and flowy cover-up creates a different kind of impact once you hit up the beach. 

You would also want to put on a belt to give emphasis on your waistline and create that marvellous accent on your overall look. 

This beach outfit idea is mostly loved by those who just want to take a break swimming and tanning, and just want to chill out for some time.

And what could be more interesting about this look is that it will absolutely level up your beach photos like no other! 

Try it and one thing’s for sure, you’ll be grateful for knowing that this beach outfit really exists.

One-piece swimsuit + button-up shirt + hat + cute beach bag

One-piece swimsuit + button-up shirt + hat + cute beach bag

Another “I-just-want-to-stroll-around-at-the-beach” look is a one-piece swimsuit paired with your button-up shirt which you haven’t been using for a long time, beach hat you almost forgot you have, and that cute rattan bag you’ve been keeping only for your most-awaited beach vacay!

With this look, you can just comfortably go around and round at the beach like you’re the boss of the beach fashion runway. 

You can kill this beach outfit more if you’ll give your hair some love and tie them all together into braids or a simple messy bun.

One-piece swimsuit + cropped sweater

One-piece swimsuit + cropped sweater

This last beach outfit idea on the list will effortlessly give you that Malibu chills and feels. So, try partnering your one-piece swimsuit with a cropped sweater and run around the beach like you’re on a music video!

This outfit looks perfect as it highlights your legs and even makes it look longer and slimmer. 

And to achieve that look of a Vogue model on a magazine, you must come up with the best one-piece swimsuit type that perfectly flatters your body. 

One-piece Swimsuit: What and how to choose

One of the nicest things about opting for a one-piece swimsuit is that you have countless of variations to choose from. 

And when it says countless choices, it really does! From time to time, one-piece swimsuit invisibly dominates the beach fashion world as it continues to evolve round-the-clock. 

So, have a quick look at this best-picked one-piece swimsuit styles and get an opportunity to know what’s best for your body type.

For petite women:

Most petite women are having a hard time looking for the best swimsuit to provide a spotlight on their assets. 

To make your hips look bolder and your legs appear longer, always choose a high-cut bottom one-piece swimsuit. 

Or you can also choose one-piece swimsuit with a lower-cut neckline to make your body look longer.

For curvy women:

If you’re curvy, feel bold and free at the beach by choosing a one-piece swimsuit with bright colours.

Contour your curves and hide your unwanted areas with the use of ruching. A ruffled swimdress or pleated one-piece swimsuit would totally look good on you!

It’s best for you to choose the vintage type of one-piece swimsuit and don’t disregard checking for the one that has a protective top to prevent wardrobe malfunctions while you’re having a fun time at the beach.

For pregnant women:

For soon-to-be moms who are very much excited to show off their baby bumps at the beach, slay your look by choosing tankini one-piece swimsuit all the way.

This swimsuit will give your growing belly more room for your beach baby!

For athletic women:

If you’re more of an active woman and just want to do non-stop water activities at the bach, you might want to know that an active one-piece swimsuit is waving at you.

This type of one-piece swimsuit will give your body more opportunity to move here and there and give you more chance to channel your athletic personality.

Try a custom swimwear: 

If you feel like choosing in between two or three from the choices above, then you might want to try something more universal. 

Well, say thanks because one-piece swimwear is now also available for a customised one or a custom swimwear. 

If you opt for a custom swimwear, you have all the floor to choose what your one-piece swimsuit to look like. If you want an active swimwear with a lower-cut neckline or with one-shoulder top, feel oh so free to suggest!

Final thoughts:

custom swimwear

Who would’ve thought that such one-piece swimsuit can get so much stylish? Who would’ve thought that with just one piece of clothing, you can do 5 or more outfits that will totally never disappoint your fashion cravings? 

So, don’t wait for the full moon to show up and start ransacking your closet and gather your one-piece swimsuit altogether! 


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