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5 Best Reasons why you should buy Galaxy S10 Plus

5 Best Reasons why you should buy Galaxy S10 Plus

Samsung has always remained the leading mobile manufacture throughout the world and its smartphones are beloved by everyone. From time to time, Samsung has been instrumental in bringing new technology on the smartphones that keep it one step ahead from any other mobile phone company in the market which also stabilizes its flagship throughout all these years since the inception of a smartphones. In the sequence to continue, it’s a saga of dominating over the smartphone market, Samsung has recently launched Galaxy S10 in the market which is available in three different models to beat every other premium smartphone. In no amount of time, Samsung Galaxy S10 has drawn the attention of every smartphone lover and become the primary choice of many of them. Galaxy S10 plus covers have also drawn the attention offer smartphone enthusiasts because of their new and unique styling over this slim crafted beautiful smartphone. People are trying different options and patterns to give a unique look to their phone and their personality as well. You can always have a look at the daily object to find trendy and attractive smartphone covers. If you are also thinking about purchasing a new smartphone, here are a few good reasons why you should go for Samsung Galaxy S10. 

Triple camera: Samsung has outdone itself by featuring 4 cameras in the phone which and shows high-quality portrait in both selfie and main mode. It has a huge front 10-megapixel camera which makes your selfies more beautiful and offers image editing in real-time. On the other hand, its rear camera is comprised of three different lenses out of which two are 12 megapixels and another one is 16 megapixel to capture the depth and width of every portrait seamlessly. The colour and lighting of portraits captured by this phone are remarkable. 

A powerful processor: if you have been using smartphones for a while, you must be aware of the fact that the processor is the heart of any smartphone and Samsung has powered its new Galaxy S10 with its flagship processor Exynos 9820 Soc which makes gaming and multitasking much easier. You can easily play heavy games like pubg, mortal Kombat, NFS, etc without even feeling a lag. There are a lot of Samsung Galaxy S10 plus covers that are specifically designed to ensure proper grip while gaming or when the phone is held for longer purposes.

Powerful ram: Samsung Galaxy S10 is powered with 8GB RAM which ensures optimum performance of every application and multitasking without any hassle. This powerful ram can easily run any application installed on the phone and enhances the user experience by reducing the lead time to almost zero.

Massive storage: Samsung Galaxy S10 is expandable up to 128 GB which allows you to store the pictures, videos, and applications without the worry of running out of space. Although it is a quite large space, you can always add a memory card if you need more storage. You can add up to 512 GB of the external SD card on this phone.

Massive bezel-less display: Samsung is offering 6.10-inch screen in Galaxy which has an aspect ratio of 19.9. it makes the phone look like a beautiful glass and gives you an extra angle for visibility and performance. It’s 3400 MAH battery keeps the phone running for longer durations. The phone is crowned with an ip68 rating which ensures its protection from dust and water. Other important features of Samsung Galaxy S10 are wireless charging, face and fingerprint unlock along with the common sensors that are offered in every other Samsung smartphone.