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6 Amazing Tips To Sharpen Your Church Wedding Photography Skills

6 Amazing Tips To Sharpen Your Church Wedding Photography Skills

Taking wedding vows in front of God in the Church is one of the most rewarding feelings of life. Although nowadays many couples choose a destination marriage, still there are many people who prefer to have holy matrimony. Believe me, photographing a wedding ceremony in Church is not an easy feat. The lighting inside it is quite low, so you need to be creative to capture the nice shots inside the Church. 

The catholic churches are very strict when it comes to clicking photos. It is necessary to understand the photography restrictions in the church to prevent oneself from any conflict. The great wedding photographer from Somerset knows every photography rule of the church. If you are shooting a church wedding for the first time, the below-given tips can help you get alluring images. 

  • Use High ISO

As mentioned above, in church, you have to capture the shots in dim light conditions. The catholic churches do not allow the use of a flashlight and other artificial light sources. Raising the ISO of your DSLR camera to the acceptable level is the key to get clear pictures inside the church. The higher the ISO level, the higher will be the sensor’s sensitivity. And this ultimately increases the exposure in your clicks. Yes, it will indeed introduce some noise in the images, but you can easily remove it during post-processing time. 

  • Manual Mode Is The Best

The manual camera setting is the best for getting great wedding shots, especially when using high ISO. Setting aperture & shutter speed manually allows you to take control of the exposure. Moreover, with this, you can save a lot of time during the post-production process. The skilled and highly experienced wedding photographers also use this mode in extreme light conditions. 

  • Use Right Equipments

Apart from manual mode and high ISO, using the right equipment is also crucial for great wedding pictures. First, you should use a full-frame camera instead of a normal camera. Such cameras are equipped with larger sensors that can hoard more light and add more quality to the shots in high ISO settings. Secondly, you need to buy prime lenses. The reason for this is that these lenses possess a broader aperture, which maximizes the available light. So, if you’re new to wedding photography, it would be best to use prime lenses to let more light into your images. 

  • Visit Venue To Attend Rehearsal

Visiting a venue a day before the wedding can really help in getting stunning wedding shots. This makes it easy for you to find the lights and the best photography spots inside the church. Besides this, you can make your clicks more interesting by attending the wedding rehearsal in the church. There are many reasons for attending this: you will come to know where the guest and new couple will enter and exit, where the choir will stand, etc. Staying at wedding rehearsal will also help you to take pictures in the least intrusive manner.

  • Slow Down Shutter Speed

Reducing the shutter speed is another way to introduce an optimum amount of light in the pictures. But, do not slow down the shutter speed below 1/60th because it can affect the sharpness of the images. You need to use a tripod for extremely low shutter speed, which is restricted in the church. 

  • Understand The Restrictions

This is the meat. Understanding the restriction of the church is a “must” for the savvy photographer. Some of the restrictions that churches often put on photographer are as following -:

  • Not to use a flashlight
  • Standing on the altar is prohibited
  • Not to bring tripod inside the church
  • Not To move around the church
  • Click pictures solely from the aisle

The Bottom Line -:

Shooting in a dark church can be quite daunting for beginners, but you can make your clicks quite aesthetic by following the above tips.