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6 Hard to Ignore Professional Logo Design Rules to Follow in 2020

6 Hard to Ignore Professional Logo Design Rules to Follow in 2020

Logo designing trends seem to be changing almost every year where firms are inclined towards staying up to date with the latest trends. But unfortunately, a great proportion of businesses move away from the core fundamentals of effective logo designing. Firms need to focus on the minutest basic details concerning logo design besides focusing on the latest fashion trends that can sometimes backfire.

The importance of logo design is not to be ignored that require following stringent rules to establish a solidified logo. Following are hard to ignore rules to be followed in 2020 for logo designing in 2020.

Sketching Multiple Layouts

Admittedly, logo design tools have been greatly emphasized that has allowed logo designers to completely forget the advantages of sketching out designs with a pen and paper. Sketching layouts allow designers to place their logo elements wherever they want to. Moreover, these shapes can be used as prototypes, displaying your clients how the logo design will eventually look like. This also helps customers and prospects to have a rough idea of how the final version will look like and suggest any changes if required immediately, as a result, saving time and human effort. 


A logo can depict a lot about your brand. Leading from its most rudimentary concepts such as color schemes, typefaces, shapes and other elements can create a brand perception in the mind of the viewer. That is why it is essential for firms to pay close attention to even the minutest details contributing to logo design services. For instance, a firm targeting children as their pertinent audience would want to use colorful eye-catching and bubbly fonts whereas, a logo concentrating on social networking applications will use elegant and intelligent fonts, aligning logo rationale to brand personality.

Maintain Minimalism 

Though, many logo designers will want to create flashy and complex designed logos that aren’t aware of reaping the benefits of a simplistic logo design. Simplicity is the key factor in brand recognition and the effective execution of logo design. The more complex a logo design is the greater the risk of confusion and hard for customers to remember the brand. From a marketing point of view, firms want their potential customers and prospects to recognize your brand from its perspective logo. For instance, the black Nike swoosh logo is one of the inspirational designs that amalgamate simplicity in parallel with maintaining its sleek original logo.

Stand Out from Competition

There are millions of brands across the globe with the only intention to help stand out from other competitor brands. A firm looking forward to acquiring logo design help services would want to hire expert developers, think outside the box, come up with unique ideas and translate them to physical mediums as well. Instead of replicating other logos, expert developers strive to develop a logo to distinguish from others. Logo design specialists are skilled enough to create versatile and unique designs to be able to use on any medium, paying close attention to image quality that should work across all platforms.

Crystal-Clear Typography

A great deal of emphasis is placed on using the relevant typography towards your particular brand. Using too many fonts on your logo could create a messy logo design, something that could depict optimistic and pessimistic vibes that can lead to a negative image of a business. Firms are more inclined towards homogeneity of typography in logo designing, to portray a clear mission statement towards the audience. For instance, luxurious brands use appealing logos that are bold, effective, practical and versatile across all mediums, ideal in the digital age. Most professional logo designers amalgamate a minimum of 2 fonts, keeping the design aesthetics as simple as possible.

Make It Memorable

The first impression is the last impression holds true in the concept to create simplistic designs. Furthermore, humans have a very limited attention span, usually for only 2 seconds that makes it imperative for firms to create designs to fit in the mind almost instantly. An effective logo is such that it is memorable allowing users to immediately recognize the brand at first glance, ensuring pure brand recognition. A distinct and appropriate design logo is something that would be impactful but easier to retain also. 

For any business startup, creating effective logos is a good visual representation to help users remember to ensure customer loyalty and brand recognition respectively. A memorable logo design must find the perfect balance between making logos recognizable by combining relevant elements to ensure appropriate and relevant logo design.


Finding a professional logo designer can be an extensive process. Firms lookout to find the best graphic designer who can understand the business requirements and suggest ideas contributing towards producing excellent logo designs. Finally, logos play an effective part in defining the entire face of the firm, as a result, establishes a presence towards the general population.