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6 Principles Of Visual Hierarchy For Graphic Designers

6 Principles Of Visual Hierarchy For Graphic Designers

The time is long gone when only content was the main factor to drive conversions. Now you have to ponder on its presentation as well if you want to generate a profitable share. So, here comes the need to practice appealing graphics and illustration techniques. You need to ponder on certain aspects to create a fascinating graphic design or an illustrated piece. 

There is a major concept of taking care of visual hierarchy. You must be aware of the term that it refers to the balance your design needs in terms of size, color, and format. The overall visual weight defines the worth and appeal of your work. It shows how mature your designing skills are and how vast experience you have acquired. 

A simple stroke selection can add stars to your design or can completely ruin it. You need to create a responsive framework that can drive viewers close to it. It should have aspects to trigger the short attention span of highly distracted online users along with having the adherence with the following principles of a perfect graphic design.

Reading Patterns

The top children’s books illustrations create graphics keeping a standard in mind. The reading pattern is either from the top to bottom pattern or it has an F-pattern. For instance, in books, the top to the bottom pattern is used and sometimes for magazines, the famous F-pattern is preferred. So you have to distribute your design according to such formats.

However, if you have ever focused on the layout of websites and ads you must have noticed one thing that it has a certain Z pattern. According to this pattern, you have to divide your content along with the design in this particular format. You need to create a proper hierarchy in the design. You have two sections to play around with.

Size Matters

Whether it’s about illustrating a font or designing an image, you need to keep in mind the right size that can entice the audience. It is also influenced by the current trend. For example for most book covers, huge font size is preferred so that the reader quickly get attracted. In other cases, the website layout id preferred to be more sophisticated and eye pleasing. So, graphic designers avoid stuffing huge patterns or extra bold aspects. Therefore, ponder on your requirement first before you reach any decision.

Space And Texture

Now one more aspect of your content and design hierarchy is to keep a perfect balance between the two and provide proper spaces to both the elements. You need to use the right technique to present your content so that it can motivate and indulge your audience. The intensity of colors can give textures to your font. As you must know how important it is to work on the outlook of your product, you have to give proper attention to each aspect. 

Typeface Pairing And Weight

The typeface is one of the critical parts to creating a proper visual hierarchy. It involves the width of the stroke and the style of the letters. You have to ponder on the weight of your composition along with selecting the right font style to make a difference. Not every font suits your brand. You have to depict a professional image and for that, it’s important to work on your font styling. 

For instance, if you are designing a sales banner, which has an image and some content, then you must know which word can play the most role and must be highlighted. You have to ponder on elements that can trigger interaction with the post. If you manage to do that you will be able to produce the most outcomes from each design.

Color and Shadowing

You know how important color incorporation is and you can’t avoid the shadowing technique as well. Therefore, you have to keep a keen focus on selecting the color tone to bring out the most impact in design. You must have a proper understanding when it comes to applying the right tent and showing effect in your design. The right proportion can create the greatest difference.