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6 Tips for Planning Outdoor Party for Spring

6 Tips for Planning Outdoor Party for Spring

There are a host of reasons to revisit nature when spring is in full bloom. From weekend parties to shower and birthdays, spring is the time when you can enjoy the outdoors ravishing the ecstasies of nature.

But the key for a successful outdoor party is to keep the guests and the pests from attacking your eardrums.

For this you can go for the pool parties or backyard bashes or simple daytime buffet-style and petite treats arranged in an outdoor venue of your choice. But in order to create the perfect ambience you also have to go for the functional furnishings that include plenty of seating and reliable outdoor lighting.

To assist with the same here are some of the tips for planning an outdoor spring party that will surprise your guests pleasantly and help them to have the time of their lives.

  • Don’t Delay in Sending the Invites – The calendars book up fast and this is especially the case with the warm weather-months. Ensure that you send the invites early in the before all of your friends’ weekends and holidays are booked. If you plan ahead you can pick the venue. This also goes easy on the pocket as you can shop around and get the best deals. This way you can get most of your guests to turn up for your party.
  • Book the Space – There are many who refrain from arranging a spring party at their home for a number of reasons starting from lacking a spacious backyard to having to the clean the house once the party is over. That is the reason why many go for the renting the space at a local park or poolside. These places can be rented at affordable costs and they are perfect for the spring parties. You may even consider renting a restaurant with a patio that facilitates indoor/outdoor partying. This is the ideal case if there is probability of rain or a soaring temperature.
  • Light it Up – You should not leave the guests in the dark but at the same time do not snatch away the essence of natural lights by using very high-power lights. Our eyes adjust if we are outside at the time when it is getting dark. So use intricate lighting and hang light strings around fences, branches and on the deck. Obviously if there is a pool party that continues till the evening, you should arrange for enough lighting around the pool to avoid accidents.
  • Arrange for the Catering and Plan the Drinks – Cooking for a huge group of people can be an intimidating task. Moreover, if you are booking a venue outside then you also have to carry the food to that location. That is why going for catering will help you to cut the slack on yourself and also provide a variety of delicacies to impress your guests. The buffet-styled stations will assist guests to have their own style of the perfect meal. As far as the drinks are concerned, you can hire a bartender or have a bar station. You can also design special drinks with a fun name that will be considered as the signature drink of the evening. The bottled and canned beverages stored in huge coolers are also a popular option. In this case, you can arrange for beers, hard lemonades and bottled margaritas, ciders and more. You also have to provide soda and lemonade.

Check the area regulations if you are using liquor at the time of hosting a party in the open field or rented venue.

  • Arrange for Enough Seating and Deck it Up – If you are hosting the party at your own backyard then you can use your home dining chairs along with the bin bags and drum stools for the seating. Otherwise the pretty quilts can also be spread over the grounds that will help your guests to bask in the sun and chat along. If you are renting a venue on the outskirts, then you can also opt for the furniture hire in London that will help you get the apt décor without digging a hole in your pocket.
  • Entertainment is Essential – With the food, décor and venue arranged all that is left is the right kind of entertainment. Go for it inexpensively by arranging a stereo and speakers. If you have more budget, you can also hire a music band who will keep your guests entertained. If there are lots of kids who will attend your party, you should have the arrangements for games and balloon artists to keep them entertained.

The above are some of the things that you should keep in mind for planning an outdoor spring party that will remain etched in the minds of your guests for a long time to come.