6 tips to help you choose the best cricket bats in Manchester

6 tips to help you choose the best cricket bats in Manchester

Cricket bat is the most important tool for any batmen. He could smash long sixes and hit boundaries with a professional-grade bat. Teenagers and adults who are into cricket, want to buy a perfect bat. Though batsmen skills matter the most, the cricket bat also has a defined role. A professional-grade bat would make those technical shots look easy for a batsman. If you choose a cricket after in-depth research, you would enjoy smashing every bowler. Here are some expert tips to help you choose the best Cricket Bats Manchester.

Define your budget first

Whenever an individual has to purchase something, he has to define a budget. Most cricketers assume that they should try out all the options then they’ll define a budget. Such an approach could waste your time and energy. It’s better to define a certain budget and then search for the options that fall in your budget. It would simplify the whole buying process for you.

When you have a specific budget in mind, you know what you have to look for. In case, a bat you like is out of your budget, you could extend it. Instead of just roaming around the websites and sports shops, first, know your budget.  

Choose a suitable willow  

The strength, power-hitting capability, and reliability depends on the material of the bat. A common wood type known as willow is used to manufacture Cricket Bats Manchester. Further, this willow is divided into two types, Kashmir willow, and English willow. Kashmir willow bats are mostly made in India. They don’t require too much practice before the final matchday.

Kashmir willow bats are the best pick for teenagers or aspiring young cricketers. Their weight and a decent solid grip make them convenient to play with. Also, they don’t cost much and could be an excellent first pick. Whereas, English willow bats are designed for top club level batsmen who have years of cricketing experience. In the US, England, and Australia English willow bats are mostly used by professional cricketers. The firm grip, solid construction, and lightweight make English willow bats the top choice of every professional batsman.

Identify the type of cricketing shots you play

Even if you just started playing cricket, you could identify the types of shots you play the most. It’s a sweep, a hook shot or a simple pull, the right bat would make all these shots a breeze for you. Often, a skilled batsman couldn’t deliver his 100 percent because of an inappropriate bat.

Every cricket bat has a sweet spot (a thick area that times the call). In most of the cases, batsmen want the sweet spot to be in the middle. It helps them stroke the ball with maximum timing. If you play different cricketing shots, you would want a different sweet spot for your bat. Before purchasing the bat make sure you know what you know the perfect sweet spot for your cricketing shots.

Choose an appropriate size and weight

An oversized bat would make your stay on the crease a nightmare. It would require more effort to hit boundaries and sixes with a heavy bat. It is, therefore, suggested to choose a bat according to height and weight. Teenagers would love to buy big, chunky, and heavy bats. When they are on the ground, heavy bats turn out a source of embarrassment for them.  To avoid it, choose a lightweight bat that would help you score better runs.

List down your preferred brands

Cricket bats have different characteristics and you should go with the one that suits your playing style. Different brands offer various types of bats. It would be best to list down the top 5 or top 10 brands that are popular among the cricketing community. Once you have listed them, you could shop for them online. Make sure you get the most out of your listed brands.

Seek an expert opinion

An expert opinion before purchasing the cricket bat could be helpful. You don’t need to go out physically and interact with an expert. Various cricket forums, blogs, and websites could help you find an expert online. Reach him and seek professional assistance. He would guide you with the right cricket bat based on his experience. No matter how much literature you have gone through, expert opinion has its own value.


A cricket bat seems like an ordinary tool to many. Whereas, it plays a vital role in every cricket match. A professional batsman ensures that his bat is all perfect. He would choose according to his requirements.