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7 Adorning Ways to Illuminate Your Living Room

7 Adorning Ways to Illuminate Your Living Room

Your living room is the only room that is open for guests, visitors, and the rest of the world that you welcome in your home. Therefore, designing it with lots of positive energy and welcoming aura is important if you want it to ooze comfort and pleasantry. To create such a relaxing, modern, and attractive ambience, you need to pay extra attention to the lighting solutions. To help you pick one that most conveys your style and preferences, here is a list of the most beautiful lighting fixtures that interior designers are crazy about.

Ambient Lighting Solutions

Ambient lighting is defined as the diffused background light that fills up the room and generally raises the overall light through the whole room. They create a warm ambience and a relaxing state of comfort but are not the ideal solution for task activities like reading a book or doing a craft. There are several types of lighting fixtures that produce ambient lighting. Here are they.

  1. Chandeliers

They are a synonym for a glamorous, luxurious lighting fixture that has a grand status in the world of lighting. They are the focus of the room, so it should be chosen with great care. There are vintage and modern types of chandeliers made of wood, crystals, or LED lights, and they are a vital source of the lighting if placed in the living room.

2. Pendant Lights

Pendant Lights or the hanging lights are light fixtures that bring the light exactly where it is needed. They often come with a personalised design that complements the style of the living room and become part of the décor in the room. There are lots of types among which the most popular are the plug in pendant, glass pendant, pool & billiard, drum, modern pendant, mini pendant, and LED pendant lights.

3. Wall Sconces

These attractive lighting solutions are placed in the pockets of the walls to add the main lighting or to complement the already placed lighting fixture. They are small and the ideal choice to add extra illumination with indirect lighting in the room. In the living room, it can be placed near the bed and serve as a reading lamp.

4. Ceiling Fan

These vintage types of lighting fixtures are a combination of a fan and lighting and are one of the most economical solutions when it comes to saving energy. They are versatile in function and style and made to suit any interior design in the living room. If you are in doubt how would a fan look like in a living room that is designed in a modern style, you can always have virtual living room staging done by a designer who can work out a digital photo of the room with all the elements you want. 

Task Lighting Solutions

Another type of lighting solution is task lighting. As the name suggests, it shines a bright light on specific tasks and serves as highlighters of a particular area. These lighting solutions are usually placed next to a chair, in a cosy corner or over the table. Here are some types that will work excellently in the living room.

5. Table, Reading, Task Lamps

All of these are easily placed in the wanted corner of the room, or as their name shows the location, they are intended for. They provide enough lighting for reading and also can be a great source of ambient light as well. The enhancement of the living room design is hugely highlighted with the use of the lamps. Plus, the reading lamps are further beneficial for three reasons: they reduce eyestrain, enable you to see easier, and are easily portable.

6. Full Spectrum Lamps

These lighting solutions provide complete light that is pleasant to the eyes and have many benefits. They use up to 75% less energy and give bright and warm light with visible clarity while staying cool all the time. The best thing about them is that they can replace natural lighting effectively.

Accent Lighting Solutions

The Final type of lighting is accent lighting, and their sole purpose is for decoration. They give fantastic finishing touches to the living room’s light and show off given features in the room while giving off a soft glow in specific areas. Some of the types are accent lamps which give a small touch of light wherever you decide to put it. They are cute and complement any style. Then, there are the Picture Lights that are placed above a picture and put the focus on it and Up Lights which are placed on the wall near the floor to shine the light upwards.