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7 Fun Phone Games To Play Over Text With Your Friends

7 Fun Phone Games To Play Over Text With Your Friends

Are you quarantined or going through a boring lockdown? You have too much time in your pocket, and you don’t know how to spend it. Really! I can give you some ideas for having fun. Just grab your phone and play texting games with your friends. These texting games can be a great way to spice you up and make your quarantine funny and entertaining. So, let’s forget about all of our past dry conversations and kill the boredom. 

Here I’m suggesting you 7 fun phone games to play over text with your friends. And believe me, you won’t be upset!

Last Letter Game

You miss your close friends, and they miss you too. This texting game would be the best play for them. The rule of the game is like that the first player has to mention a word, and then the other player will say another word. And this word should start with the last letter of the word that the first person said. So, pick a topic like movies. Mention a word from the chosen topic e.g., Contagion. Your opponent should say Night and the City or something like that. It’ll go on until someone loses. You can set a time limit to have more fun. Just try it!

Would You Rather?

This fun texting game is also known as ‘either-or’ and ‘this or that.’ Here you and your opponent have to pick one of two difficult choices. Like you can ask your opponent what he/she will prefer to lose hands or legs? Just remember, ask your opponent to pick between two tough choices. If the questions are more complicated, the fun would definitely double up too.

Most Likely To

There is a need for one partner,but there can be others too. It doesn’t matter. You have to ask a most likely question. This is very exciting. Suppose you are asking who is most likely to spend Christmas Eve in a haunted house or something like that. If you are playing with only one person, both of you will mention who the particular most likely to question fits. And if you are in a group game, everyone will mention the person the question fits. Isn’t it exciting?   

Story Time

You can play this texting game with anyone. You and your game mate will make up a story progressively. The rule of this funny game is one person at a time; one sentence at a time. You can know how to play on words from to make your story even more captivating and to delight your friends’ ears. You will start the story with a line like ‘once upon a time there was a pond.’ Then your friend will say like ‘there was a garden beside this pond.’ the most exciting thing in this game is that it is actually endless. You can go on as long as you want. So spend the time, have fun, and create your own story!


This is one of the most exciting games ever. It’s full of questions and situations. You have to come up with a hypothetical scenario to your friend. Remember, the more interesting items you will ask, the more fun you will have in the game. So, have a twisted scenario and ask your opponent what they would do in that complicated situation. You can ask about made-up scenarios, such as ‘what if this lockdown will extend upto 2022 and you cannot go to your university. What would you do?’ and so on.

Kiss, Marry, Kill

You cannot believe it until you’re playing one round of this fascinating and funny ‘Kiss, Marry, Kill’ game. This game is never going away. Here, you have to select three people, and your friend will choose which one to kill, which one to marry and which one to kiss. You can pick three of your mutual friends or celebrities or anybody else. 

Suppose you give the option of Anjelina Jolie, Taylor Swift, and Bob Dylan. Now, what will your friend do? Kiss- Bob Dylan, Marry- Taylor Swift, and kill Anjelina Jolie? You could also try this game out with the names of your close ones, too. Make it even more interesting, with a personal twist.

Emoji Challenge

We are presently in the era of texting and texting language. The words we use aren’t enough, at times. So we express our emotions with emojis. We’re habituated with this. So what if we’re spending our time with emoji challenges? It’ll be fun. Isn’t it? In this game, you have to send an emoji to your friend, and your friend will interpret what it means. To play this game, update your keyboards so that both of you can have all the emojis. 

And start the game. Like you can use an emoji of a cup of tea and a heartbreak. These can suggest an idea of tea break. And so many more such challenges, with the array of emojis to use.