7 Questions All Long Term Traveler Hate

7 Questions All Long Term Traveler Hate

People who love to wander are surely some magical creatures on this Earth! Long term travelers have a positive and a vibrant soul, which make them lusty to explore the world and cherish every little moment of nature. As beautiful it is to travel around the world, it comes with several challenges and hurdles as well, but all that matters is, how long term travelers soothe themselves by moving from place to place, embracing the meaning of life.

Travelling can be soothing for people who look out for opportunities. Travelers believe in restoring their energy by travelling around the globe and admiring what people have been leaving behind. The adventurous journey that travelers go along, is what makes fuels up their mental potential. You can check out the collection of Deadpool Jacket on Abbraci. Long term travelers are fond of sharing their experiences and moments with other people, but rather than appreciating what they do, people often bump them with a ton of questions, that they usually HATE!Below are mentioned seven of them:

How many countries have you travelled?

For travelers, the number of countries that they have been to, doesn’t matter! They don’t count the places that they have traveled to, instead, they live in the moment that they spend there. The first question that people ask a long term traveler is ‘How many countries have you traveled?’, and once they answer with an approximate number; comparison starts there! Right there!

You have to stop doing this! They don’t travel around the globe to be compared, they do it for their mind peace and experience. It’s what that makes them feel alive.

How do you afford to travel so much?

Travelling and money aren’t really connected. People are different when it comes to their interests, some people prefer to save money and spend it on travelling and exploring the places that they have been intimidated by. Whereas, others believe to invest money in some business or look after their other basic needs. Instead of asking ‘How do you afford to travel so much?’, consider appreciating them what they do for themselves.

Stop asking them the unpleasant question of how they manage their income! Let them be.

Are you not scared of travelling alone?

That is the beauty of travelling alone around the globe! You aren’t scared of anything. Obviously long term travelers do their research before travelling to any place, but the idea of not having any related at a place, or the temperature, doesn’t scare them. Traveling is what are meant for.

Why do you travel?

One of the most meaningless questions that people ask long term traveler with great excitement is, ‘Why do you exactly travel?’. People should stop asking such pointless questions right away, I mean, does anyone asks you, ‘Why do you breathe? Or ‘Why do you buy groceries every month? Every individual has his own priorities and concerns. Long term travelers find peace in traveling, they love to cherish the moments of nature and thus, they travel!

When will you settle down?

Asking such a question which has an obvious answer, is making them irritated even more. You really want to know ‘When will they settle down?’, well here is your answer, Um Never! Don’t you get it? They are travelers! They are meant to be. Yeah, they might get married one day and have a house and family, but they won’t stop doing what they are meant to.

Don’t you miss your family?

What a stupid question to ask, ‘Don’t you miss your family?’. Of course, they do! But they are meant to do what they do. And they are blessed to have a supportive family back at home. Travelling is what pleases them, it gives them inner peace which is vital for a human to stay healthy! Family is what supports you with you love to do. Long term travelers can not stay bounded to any responsibility that they aren’t likely to take. If they love to travel, then that is what they will do!

Which is your favorite destination?

This is the question that none of the long term travelers can ever answer! How can you expect them to compare and rate the places where they have spent the most memorable times of their lives. There are places where they have lived their childhood or place where they found love and friendship.


So, if next time you meet a long-term traveler, avoid asking the above-mentioned questions; because you know, they would hate them! Let them cherish the beauty of nature and live their life to their fullest. Appreciate what they do, as it calms them down and makes them feel energetic.