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7 Things Not to Do While Pregnant

7 Things Not to Do While Pregnant


Childbirth is a very responsible period in every woman’s life. Enough to look closely at the behavior of the future mother, it will immediately become clear. On the eve of the most important event of her life, she doesn’t just recognize all the popular signs sticks to them. And all because any expectant mother wants to do everything so that childbirth is easy and the baby is born healthy.

1- Food. Pregnant women should not eat:

(A) Cheese contains a white or blue mold. These include varieties of berry and cambert in particular. In addition, it is not recommended to use unpasteurized cheese made from goat’s milk, for example. Harmful because it may contain monocytogenes Listeria. 

(B) It is strictly forbidden to eat raw eggs. It is necessary to cook until the egg yolk becomes completely dark. Also, do not use raw eggs or foods that can be used as mousse, homemade mayonnaise or ice cream.

2- Physical activity, housework, health

(A) Pregnant women should not have sex?

Yes, without contraindications. Sex during pregnancy should be as gentle as possible and avoid sudden movements.

(B) What exercises should not be done by pregnant women?

Exercise with sudden movements, pressure on the stomach, abnormal stress on the back. If you want to live an active lifestyle during pregnancy, you should pay attention to the different fitness programs for pregnant women, but be sure to choose a trusted trainer.

(C) Pregnant women should not be vaccinated, sick and take medicine?

Of course, it is better to avoid the disease because it is not recommended to take the drug during pregnancy. In any case, this problem is determined by the attending physician and should not be determined by anyone else.

With regard to immunization, immunization against measles, mumps, rubella and tuberculosis is particularly dangerous. If you plan to travel to a steep country, it is worth clarifying in advance whether you need to be vaccinated and consult a specialist at this point.

3- Appearance and personal care

(A) Pregnant women can not dye their hair?

More precisely, it is harmful. Because when you use a hair dye, it inhales the steam released from it. This can have a negative impact on your well-being and is recommended to protect future children from chemical odors.

(B) Pregnant should not take a bath?

More precisely, warm baths can cause different complications until the end of pregnancy. A hot bath is not only possible, but also relaxes strained muscles and must be done.

4- What can not be done pregnant?

(A) Work requires sudden intermittent movement (for example, throwing a carpet).

(B) work for which you need to climb a stool or stepladder;

(C) work using household chemicals, especially those with a pronounced smell;

5- In any case, the safety instructions should be followed:

(A) work with detergents in gloves;

(B) Do not hang clothes when standing on stools or step-ladders – it is better to get a dryer, the string height of which can be adjusted, or a dryer that can be installed on the bath;

(C) Do not lift a heavy bucket of water (the maximum weight that a pregnant woman can lift is not more than 5 kg!), pour or empty it with a bucket;

6- Don’t spoil your sleep

(A) Every pregnant woman faces difficulties. When the stomach begins to turn, a comfortable sleep position becomes more difficult. Unfortunately, not all pregnant women can have a restful sleep. However, since this problem has been solved, use only pregnancy pillow for get restful sleep. And Stop using the usual pillows during pregnancy.

(B) Beginning in late pregnancy, all women experience normal physical effort. Sometimes every pregnant lady concerned about back, neck and waist. For a comfortable position on the sofa or armchair, place the horseshoe under the back cushion for pregnant women. It will help you to relax and spend time comfortably.

7- Signs for pregnant women: to believe or not

Many people are involved in this topic. Some will look stupid to you, but others are fair enough. Let me explain some general beliefs from an objective perspective.

(A) Many restrictions are related to the future appearance of the mother. For example, it is believed that you should never cut your hair. Otherwise, the baby’s hair will not grow. Of course, this statement has nothing to do with reality. Women need to take care of themselves and cut their hair if necessary. This cannot affect the child in any way. It is important that the teacher chooses to paint correctly. This will help avoid unnecessary reactions to it.

(B) The popular sign says that you can not sit in the door during pregnancy. Once upon a time, it was thought that the threshold is a characteristic that was the border between the real world and demons and demons, the world of all kinds of demons. That is, when you are at the door, you can easily access it through all kinds of dirty tricks on the side of demons. I hope you understand how far this statement is from the truth today.