8 Best Hairstyles with Salwar Suit

8 Best Hairstyles with Salwar Suit

Wearing ethnic attire and not planning for the hairstyle is an impossible thing to do. Hairs are the beauty of a woman and they especially care for them every time. Making perfect hair is a really difficult job but once you are used to it then you can make any alluring hairstyle. Trying some unique hairstyles with different dresses can give an adoring look. There are a number of hairstyles that you can try with your salwar suit and make you look super stylish. Either you have short hairs or long hairs, some twists and curls can make you shine.

Here are some easy and pretty hairstyles to do with salwar kameez for an exciting look. 

  1. Side Twists with Open Hairs  

A simple and effective hairstyle that can be made in easy steps and a few minutes is this side twisted hairstyle. First, you need to do a neat and clean side partition. After that take some hairs 

From the side that has lesser hairs and twist them till the end. Take it to the back and tuck bobby pins at the back to hold the hairs. This easy hairstyle goes well with any of the attire either it is western or traditional. You just need to twist your hair and pin it up.    

2. Sleek Bun


It is a trendy hairstyle for summers that is perfect for any ethnic attire and when it comes to salwar suits then this is just awesome. It can be made with a middle partition or side partition as per your choice. If you are willing to wear a maang tikka then a middle partition will be the best. You can easily make this hairstyle by dividing your hair into two equal parts from front and then twist them and make a bun from the back. Tuck it properly with pins and rubber bands. You can use hairspray if you need it.     

  1. Side Braid for Long Hairs

Long and straight hairs look perfect in a braid. Keeping it open is a bit difficult and with a salwar suit, you can go for a messy side braid. Messy hairs give a stylish and modern look. Two parts braid is easier to make. Comb your hair making a side partition and take all your hairs at one side. You can make a puff or opt for twists at the front and after that make the braid by diving your hairs in two equal parts by twisting them one by one. Put a matching rubber band or a black rubber band at the end and your hairstyle is ready.          

4. Ponytail for an Elegant Look


A simple ponytail or the one with a puff or twists in the front can give a more interesting look. It is a perfect hairstyle for an elegant and simple look. This hairdo looks great with printed salwar suits. Printed suits are worn as casual wear and for daily basis, a ponytail is the best hairstyle as it is easy to make and takes less time. For a dignified look, try some twists and curls in the front. Opt for a matching rubber band and some beautiful accessories for a gorgeous look. 

5. Open Hairs with Curls

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The easiest and most favourite hairstyle of each and every girl is open hair. You can choose the middle partition or side partition as per your choice. Go for curls as they will give you a graceful and pretty look. This is the best hairstyle for medium-length hair. If you are wearing a Patiala salwar suit or a dhoti then this hairdo will give you a flawless look. Give your hair a perfect volume by using a hairspray. You will look really pretty in this hairstyle.              

6. A Gorgeous Fishtail Braid


If you have long hair then this hairstyle will give you an adoring look. The hairdo looks stunning with heavily embroidered clothes. The backless design of your salwar suit can be properly flaunted with this side braid. Some curls and twists in the front with a side or middle partition will make you shimmer. Adding floral pins to your braids or real flowers will give a marvelous look. If you are going to attend a wedding function then this hairdo will make you look like a fashionista.   

7. Puff with Open Hairs


Give your hair a high volume by making a puff in the middle. Adding a full forehead maang tikka or the simple one with this hairstyle can give you a lovely look. Make the puff and leave your remaining hairs open and get a decent look. Some curls at the end of the hair will make it look more effective. This hairstyle looks beautiful on medium-length hairs and is a perfect one for salwar suits, kurtis, lehengas and other ethnic wears. Try this hairstyle and look like a diva at the occasion. 

8. Messy Bun with Front Puff


Sometimes when you wear embroidered dress your hairs get to tuck into stones or diamonds that are detailed on your salwar kameez. So to get rid of this you can try this messy bun hairstyle with a full puff at the front. When you are wearing a heavily embellished dress then this hairstyle will be a better choice, as when your hairs are in an updo the neckline and back design of the outfit can be showcased perfectly and another thing is that you will look beautifully gorgeous.    

All these hairstyles are easy and trending that makes a perfect match with beautiful salwar suits. Wearing salwar suits at any occasion and always keeping it simple with open hairs is not worth it, try something different with these amazing hairstyles. Wearing a flared anarkali dress or a stunning Patiala suit you can try any of these hairstyles with the outfit. Get some eye-catchy Wholesale pakistani salwar suits and opt for any of this ravishing hairdo that will make you look the best at the party or event.