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8 Common Mistakes Made By Amateur Wedding Photographers

8 Common Mistakes Made By Amateur Wedding Photographers

There are many people whose hobby is to capture weddings. They are not professional photographers but do wedding photoshoots of their friends, relatives, and friends to satisfy their urge to create something unique. If you are one among them, this article belongs to you. Here, we will discuss some things that can be obstructive to you shooting stunning wedding photos. 

Although you may have a unique eye for photography, you would not be able to capture breathtaking wedding photos without learning critical photography tactics. It’s not so easy to enhance your skills just by buying expensive photography gear; you need a lot of patience and time. As it is said, no pain, no gain, so you have to put your maximum efforts to get the best results. Read on to know 8 common mistakes that you likely make while wedding shoots and eliminate them promptly.

  • Forgetting To Make A list Of Important Shots

It has been noticed that most amateur wedding photographers in Somerset and other regions forget to ask and make the crucial shots. There is a long list of fantastic wedding poses for the bride and groom. However, it is not possible to cover all the images in a short time. Hence, you should ask the couple about their preferences and try to take all those shots. It will bring a smile to the couple’s face when they see the wedding album, and they will surely appreciate your work. After all, appreciation is the only thing you are working so hard for.

  • Avoid Background

Background plays a vital role in capturing alluring and realistic wedding shots. It degrades the quality of photos, which in turn encourages people to doubt your photography style. Unfortunately, newbie photographers did not notice the background while taking pictures and included messy elements along with the subject. If you want to give the best lifetime memories to your client, it is indispensable to make sure that everything is clean behind the subject before pressing the camera’s shutter.

  • Not Pay Attention To Exposure

The bride’s wedding dress is the crucial thing to be captured. The women take several weeks to months to choose it. And if you fail to frame it well in the photos, all your hard work will be in vain. Due to less experience, amateur photographers introduce over or under exposure to the attire of the bride. It is important to learn some tactics from professional wedding pros in your area or follow someone’s wedding photography blog to overcome this issue. 

  • Shoot Without Assistance

If you think you can cover the whole wedding solely, stop thinking about it right now. There is much other work associated with photography apart from holding the camera: you need to direct people how to pose, handle artificial light, change lenses, and many more. With the help of assistance, this all becomes relatively easy, and you can focus on the subject properly. 

If your budget is pretty low, we will suggest you exchange assistance services with other wedding pros; help them shoot their project, and they will give you a favor in return.

  • Listening To Every Guest

Whether you are an amateur photographer or not, you still have to behave professionally during the whole event. Guests may try to give you suggestions on what to do or what to not. Don’t let your guest dominate and do your job by keeping things discussed with the couple. Listening to everyone can confuse you and result in poor photographs. 

  • Forget To Take Extra Memory Card

Avoid making this silly mistake as you can run out of storage anytime at the wedding. Lacking the backup ruins your acquaintance day and shows your unprofessional behavior. Hence, pack your bag wisely a day before the shooting and carry extra memory cards with you.

  • Not Knowing Important Guests

It is another common problem for beginners. Don’t deem that you know everyone; there may be some office colleague or acquaintance of the couple that is strange to you. Take time and discuss with the bride & groom about every single guest that needs to be captured.

  • Lack Of Knowledge To Modern Photography Trends

Not keeping yourself up to date with the latest photography trends can take away your clients. Again, following the blogs of famous wedding photographers is the best way to discover what’s in demand.

The Bottom Line-:

We hope you found this guide helpful and avoid the highlighted mistake in the future.