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8 Easy and Helpful Plumbing Tips to Try Out Before Calling Professionals

8 Easy and Helpful Plumbing Tips to Try Out Before Calling Professionals

Plumbing issues invariably surface from time to time. It may arrive as slow-draining sink, pipe leakage, smelly fixture or in any other form. What should you do when faced with such a problem? A qualified plumber in London suggests you must assess the situation at hand and then take the appropriate corrective measures. 

One of the best emergency plumbers in London says clogged drains are one of the commonest types of plumbing issues across residential properties. Scum, grease and hair are the three common factors behind it. Unclogging a drain is comparatively easier. Here are some easy tips for you to try out before calling for professionals. 

Easy drain unclogging tips for you

Pour boiling water: Boiling water proves effective loosening up hardened deposit comprising of grease, fat and oil. You should try out this easy and hassle-free remedy before anything else. You should better heat nearly two bucket-full of water at a time till they start boiling. Empty a bucket carefully in the drain opening. Make sure you don’t get burnt in the process. Wait for 5 minutes till you empty the second bucket in the same way as well. Almost 8 out of every 10 kitchen sinks get unclogged this way.

Mixture of baking soda and vinegar: When you mix baking soda and table vinegar together, they form a powerful mixture. This becomes clear by the formation of fuzz. This mixture proves effective to remove minor clogs in drains. Unlike those commercially manufactured harsh chemicals available in the market, this handmade mixture won’t corrode your pipes even if it fails to unclog the drain blockage.

Applying a plunger: A qualified emergency plumber based in London suggests trying out with a plunger to resolve the problem of clogged toilet drains. The handy tool has a high success rate in handling such problem. You can easily purchase it from your neighborhood plumbing store. When water refuses to flow down your toilet drain smoothly as it should, you should use a plunger to remove the blockage that is causing the problem. When used in the proper way, a plunger solves 9 out of every 10 problems related to blocked toilets. 

Clean out bath fixtures: Practically in every bathroom, it is very natural for the water flow to get weak with time. This happens due to minerals, mould and dirt build-ups. Disassemble the bath fixtures to get rid of those unwanted deposits. This will take care of the weak water flow. 

Application of caustic soda: Caustic soda is a powerful chemical that proves highly effective in loosening up, dissolve and clear blockages in drain pipes. Try out this abrasive chemical to remove clogs from drains. 

Drain snake: A drain snake is another handy tool to resolve the problem of clogged drain. This tool proves effective to spin or chip away a drain blockage. Unlike other plumbing tools, this is much more user-friendly, requires much less effort and is more hassle-free. It loosens up a clog, clearing the way for smooth flow of water down the drain. 

Easy solutions to continuous water dripping

Replace worn out washers: Washers do get worn out with time and worn out washers are a major cause of leaky faucets and taps. Water constantly dripping away from the tap into the drain makes an unnecessary wastage; moreover, it poses to be a nuisance. You can easily solve this problem by replacing the worn out washer from inside the tap.

Flapper replacement: Continuously running toilet is another common plumbing issue. Qualified plumbers at 4D Heating and Plumbing in London say that over 50% of such issues can be solved as easily as replacing the flapper. It is located inside a toilet tank. Once you get it replaced, the problem of running toilet will get solved automatically. However, the problem of continuously running toilet may also crop up because of other factors. In such cases, flapper replacement won’t help solving the problem.