8 Essential trending electronic tools that you must have at home

8 Essential trending electronic tools that you must have at home

Caption: Handy electronics you need to have at home for a hassle-free lifestyle. 

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When you become a homeowner, there is a lot of freedom given to you. The casual saying “My house, my rules” becomes a motto you can adopt, and you have the liberty to make your own decisions regarding housekeeping. But, along with this, you are rewarded with some burdens too. In other words, the maintenance of your house is now in your hands. This is where the need for a handy toolkit makes an appearance. Whether your pet needs a kennel or some screws need tightening, you will need a toolbox to cater to your needs.

Every house has a small toolbox stacked somewhere! Whether it is a bunch of screwdrivers, wrenches, or drills, electronic tools are essential if you want to be an independent house owner who solves their problems themselves. 

However, if your tool gear consists of the most basic dollar store mechanics, you will need an upgrade. There will come a time in your life when a roll of duct tape and a few screwdrivers will not suffice. You need to move on to bigger and better things.

There are plenty of electronic tools you are missing out on that will surely make your life easier. They help in completing complex tasks that mostly cannot be done with a basic hand tool. 

They are also great if you want to save on unnecessary house repair services. According to Homeadvisor, most mechanics and plumbers cost $60 – $65 per hour. So calling them up just to fix a simple leaky faucet or power circuit is a waste of time and money! Invest in some trendy electronic tools instead and become your own builder!

This article lists eight trending electronics that are multi-use and will help you with DIY projects, small repairs, and overall upkeep. From mowing, and screwing to crafty idea implementations, these tools will help you save time, effort, and money! Read further to learn more!  

1. Channellock 13 in 1 Ratcheting Screwdriver  

Do you have multiple screwdrivers, each for a screw with a different size and shape, from star-shaped to square? If the answer to that is yes, it’s high time you replace it with a handy 13 in 1 screwdriver! Too many separate screwdrivers will only clutter your toolbox and eat up space. They could also poke you and cause harm if you dig in the box with your bare hands when you are in a hurry.

About this tool

  • This tool has almost all the traditional screw shapes and delivers 225-inch pounds of torque without damaging your screws.
  • It has 28 tooth ratchets.
  • The ratcheting action allows for smooth and fast two-way operation. 
  • You can save up space in your tool gear because of its small frame.  
  • The sleek blue and red body are made of rugged aluminum alloy and it is strong enough to last you a lifetime.
  • The tool has a cushion grip for soft and comfortable handling. 
  • The manufacturers at Channellock provide a lifetime warranty with this product, so you don’t have to worry about repair or replacement.

Buyer’s Review: The product has received a 4.5-star rating on Amazon based on the 453 user reviews. Except for the lack of a magnetic bit holder, the product fulfills all the customer’s needs.

Similar Products: There are a few other brands that provide a similar ratcheting screwdriver. You can check out BLACK+DECKER BDH 68127 Steel Multibit Ratcheting Screwdriver and BLACK+DECKER A7073 6V Battery Powered Screwdriver for a similar screwing experience.

2. Ryobi 18V One+ Airstrike Brad Nailer  

Are you tired of hammering in nails with the same old hammer? Then it’s time you surrender to the power of electronic excellence. Whether you are a DIY person or a passionate garden renovator, this tool will serve all your nailing needs and more! Even if you own a small entertainment business of escape rooms, this tool is great to fix up the small mechanical errors that you might come across in the rooms. Since the feel of escape rooms mainly relies on decor and interior, you can use this tool to add in some wall paintings, posters, or other innovative props and red herrings.

This multipurpose and inexpensive tool can be used for all things repair! It can be used as a power tool, nail gun, window molding, fastening, and a dozen other things! 

About this tool

  • This 18-volt tool is the number one product for lawn equipment, plumbing, air tools, and lifestyle. 
  • The device features an airstrike technology that eliminates the noisy compressors and gives you a smooth and easy repair procedure.
  • It has a lightweight battery design and a dual charger for the user’s convenience.
  • It has a new and improved high capacity Lithium battery that can drive up to 1,700 nails per charge.
  • It sports a mode variability function where you can switch from single sequential to contact actuation mode.
  • It has a convenient adjustment application to help protect your workspace and allow the proper setting of the nail heads. You can also regulate the air pressure for optimum results.
  • You don’t have to carry the tool around by hand. It has a belt hook mount on both sides so that you can hook it to your side.
  • It has a low nail count indicator that blinks when the nails are running out so that you can refill.
  • There is an LED option near the grip for better sight while working in darker areas.

Buyer’s review: Based on the 901 reviews on Amazon and 4.7-star ratings, this tool is a total banger! It may be a little heavy because of all the loaded features but it is perfect for a handyman with a tight budget.

Similar Products: You can also take a look at Stanley TRE550Z Heavy Duty Electric Nail Gun and MAKITA- AUTHORIZED DEALER ASMA 18Ga Pneumatic Brad Nailer for a similar nailing experience (literally and figuratively!)

3. BLACK+DECKER Random Orbit Sander  

It may not sound necessary, but every house definitely needs a sander for smoothing and finishing surfaces. Over the years, your furniture might experience wear and tear and look old. So, a regular sanding and polishing session will help in keeping your wooden wares looking good as new! With this tool, you won’t have to ring a mechanic or electrician for simply polishing your furniture or perform basic woodworking anymore! 

About this tool:

  • The device has a compact plastic body, and you can use it to patch up some thrift finds or cover a drill hole with ease. 
  • It has a random orbital action for a clear finishing job.
  • You can put it to work by connecting its power cord to an electric source.  
  • The product provides high-performance dust-collection and micro-filtration features. So, you don’t have to worry about all the sand dust cleaning after you are done with the woodwork!
  • It has a hook and loop system which makes paper changing easy and efficient.
  • The 5-inch sized product is a corded electric device that works on 120 volts of power.
  • The product comes along with a sanding sheet and a dust bag.
  • It does not require batteries and has a two-year manufacturer warranty.

Buyer’s Review: This product has over 5,500 ratings and a 4.6 rating on Amazon! It is also voted as ‘Amazon’s choice’ due to its reasonable pricing and positive response from the audience. From car roof stripping, repainting to fence sanding and drywall finishing this product has worked efficiently for a lot of daily jobs.

The sturdy build of the product is capable of enduring regular rough use and requires the least amount of care.

Similar Products: TACKLIFE Classic Mouse Detail Sander and Meterk Random Orbit Sander are some comparable electronic sanders.

4. Tacklife HD60 Laser Measure  

If you have had some experience buying new furniture for your home or moving out, you must know how difficult it is to measure objects with a simple measure tape. You will almost always need a helping hand, and the measure may not be accurate too.  

With this tool, you can get rid of those worries! The pocket-friendly laser measure tool can give you precise measurements of angles, distances, and volumes. Now you don’t have to spend hours measuring and calculating the area and size of the equipment while buying a new refrigerator or washing machine for your home. 

The next time you buy furniture, you can make sure it fits into the dimensions of your house with this battery-powered measuring tool!  

About this tool:

  • It has high accuracy and works on simple AAA batteries. 
  • It can measure ranges of up to 196 feet.
  • This device will also do the math for you. It is capable of automatic calculation of area and volume, addition, subtraction, Pythagoras theorem application, and maximum and minimum values measurement.
  • The gadget has a historical data storage feature and allows you to manually delete data.
  • It has a large LCD backlight feature for visibility in dark areas.
  • The device automatically shuts down when there is a lack of operation for 150 seconds.
  • The waterproof and dustproof product comes along with AAA batteries, a user manual, portable bag, hand strap.
  • It also comes with a package box so you can give this product to a family member as a gift for Thanksgiving or Christmas. It comes in a range of three catchy colors: orange, red, and blue.

Buyer’s Review: The Tacklife Measure device has a remarkable 4.6 rating by over 3,300 customers on Amazon. Unlike most models, this product remembers your reporting style and doesn’t switch back to the default measurement units. The quality and accuracy of this inexpensive product surprised many customers.

Similar Products: You can try ACEGMET Green Beam Laser Measuring Device with Angle Sensor or Bosch GLM 165-10 Blaze One Laser Distance Measure if you want some other features in laser measuring devices.

5. Skil 7¼-Inch Corded Circular Saw  

Now you can make your dream DIY wooden furniture with ease! This corded circular saw is perfect for neat and tidy woodwork. With this tool, you don’t have to worry about customizing readymade furniture which may or may not fulfill all your needs.

You can also learn the ‘carpenter skill’ by experimenting with this product using the least amount of effort.

About this tool:

  • The lightweight design reduces fatigue.
  • It has a powerful 15-amp motor for speedy work.
  • It comes with a carrying bag and a spindle lock so that you can switch up blades easily.  
  • The tool has a carbide-tipped blade for faster cuts.
  • The saw has a single beam laser to guide you through straight cuts and avoid unevenness.
  • The tool has a dust blower that keeps the line free of any sawdust for a problem-free and accurate cut.
  • The device has an anti-snag feature that reduces snags while making narrow cuts.
  • Although the tool is handy, it can be dangerous, so it has a guarded trigger and an indicator light to avoid accidental start-ups and accidents. 

Buyer’s Review: On Amazon, the product has a 4.7 rating based on all the 4000+ global ratings. The laser guide was deemed to be extremely accurate and the blade cut through wood like butter.

Similar Products: CRAFTSMAN 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw and CACOOP 20V MAX 6″ Cordless Circular Saw are some saws manufactured by other brands.

6. Ryobi Cordless Hot Glue Gun  

Seeing your vase or showpiece fall and break can be painful. And you surely cannot fix it with the dollar store paper glue! That is when this electric hot glue gun comes to the rescue.   

This glue is a form of thermoplastic adhesive that comes in the form of a cylindrical stick and the equipment. When heated by the gun, it melts and becomes capable of fixing everything, from stripped screw holes to cardboard and metal equipment. They can also be used to repair and protect your electronic circuitries with utmost expertise!  

About this tool:

  • This product provides users with maximum control as the trigger can fuller support two fingers.
  • The green sturdy build has a comfortable, ergonomic grip for firm handling and precision.
  • The tool has some safety indicators which show whether the device is active to avoid burns and other hazards.
  • The device runs on a 4 amp battery that works for three and a half hours straight without a recharge.
  • It works perfectly fine with 18V lithium-ion and NiCad batteries.
  • Along with the tool, you get a battery lineup and three sticks of multi-purpose glue.

Buyer’s Review: This cordless glue gun product has a positive 4.7 rating on Amazon. Customers found it has an awesome upgrade from the cheap Walmart glue guns and it works way better. The glue heats up fast as compared to other glue gun models and the flow is pretty consistent.

Similar Products: MYFOXI Hot Glue Gun and Surebonder Auto Shut Off Hot Glue Gun are some related glue gun products.

7. Bosch 06019G80F1 GSR120-Li Cordless drills  

Drills that operate on cords can be a little tricky as you cannot take them far away from the power source. It’s worse if there is no power source nearby to plug your device!  

With this battery-powered Bosch drill, you can pierce in nails to hang up your favorite painting or to perform the function of a powered hammer quickly with the least amount of workforce.   

About this tool:

  • This handy tool has a maximum torque of 30 nm for hard screw driving and 14 nm for soft screw driving.
  • It provides users with high-quality performance with 12V battery voltage.
  • Along with the cordless drill, you get a 2.0 Ah Lithium battery, charger, and carrying cases.
  • This blue colored model has a 6-month warranty.
  • Some other features of this product are a long-life battery and LED lights for better visibility.
  • The device has an ECP (Electronic Cell Protection) to avoid excessive power draw and overheating.  

Buyer’s Review: The cordless drill tool has a 4.4 rating on Amazon and most of the reviews speak in its praise. One of the most impressive aspects of this tool is its battery life.

Similar Products: BLACK+DECKER LD12SP-IN Li-ion Cordless Drill provides a similar efficiency and performance.

8. AstroAl Digital Multimeter  

This electronic device has multiple functions, hence the name. You can now measure the voltage, current, and resistance of your power circuits for simple tests, fault detections, and multiple diagnostics. You can easily turn into an electrician and patch up simple electrical issues with this product.

About this tool: 

  • They are easy-to-use and come with a positive and negative indicator and a large display for accuracy and relaxed visibility.  
  • The device features a troubleshoot facility for overload protection in all ranges and safe handling of simple household electric problems. 
  • It has a data hold option and a kickstand for hands-free usability!

Buyer’s Review: With over 13,000 happy reviews and a 4.6-star rating, this product is a real deal for troubleshooting electrical issues. The inexpensive product reportedly has a simple, basic design and can be easily carried around.

Similar Products: Innova Equus 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter has an auto-ranging scale which makes electronic measurements easier.

Safety While Using These Electronics

Although using these electronic tools can surely make your life easier and quicker, they can be a little tacky. If you are someone who is not familiar with using electronics regularly, you will have to take some precautions to prevent some undesired hazards.

Here are some safety measures you should look into before using your brand new electronic tool! :

  • Some tools could be defective, so always make sure to do a quick inspection before using them. You can look for cracks and damages on the outer body and handle areas. You should examine the cords (if any) to see if there are zero frays and complete insulation. Also, check for broken switches and faulty triggers.
  • If at all you find any damage or fault in the equipment, get it replaced or repaired by the sellers.
  • If you are working with drillers or sanders, we suggest you some personal protection equipment (PPE). This could include appropriate clothing, gloves, dust masks, and sturdy shoes.
  • Before you connect to a power supply, make sure the equipment is switched off.
  • If you are using more than one tool at a time that includes several cords, try to avoid octopus connections. Use a power bar or a power connection strip that has in-built power protection and keep the cords untangled.
  • Keep your surroundings clean and free of debris for a hassle-free repair/DIY experience. Also avoid working near places with heat, water, and sharp edges.
  • Wear problem-free clothing. Avoid jewelry, loose garments, and tie back long hair.
  • Once you are done, unplug the device by the plug. Pulling the cord directly can cause wear and tear, leading to potential hazards in eventuality.
  • Do not tie up the power cords in knots.
  • Avoid cleaning the electronic tools with water and toxic, flammable solvents.
  • Store the tools in a cool, dry, and secure location for nuisance-free use the next time you need them!


In this world where technology is growing to be an integral part of our daily lives and helps in improving our mental health as in mystery rooms, we must reach out and give them a try as well. Now even toothbrushes and shirt buttoners are electric, so why shouldn’t we invest in some handy electronics ourselves?

If you are not a techie and struggle with simple manual tools, you have to try these items and make yourself familiar with electronic goods! These trending electronics are not only easy to use but will also save you the expenses of calling a professional.  

Even if you like to be crafty and make personalized household stuff, these tools will surely benefit you. As mentioned in the article, they are easily available on Amazon and many other shopping sites in a range of prices, brands, and models!