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9 DIY Packaging to Make Your Brand Versatile

9 DIY Packaging to Make Your Brand Versatile

To find and produce valuable products to sell, it is important that you utilize DIY packaging. Doing so will not only make your product stand out but also allow for a lot of flexibility when deciding on what kind of budget or timeline to work with.

The business world is a cutthroat one. You have to be creative, smart, and strategic at the same time to stand out from your competition.

It is no secret that to be a successful business owner, you need your products to solve the buyer’s problems and address their pain points excellently. Most importantly, though, is providing an excellent customer experience.

You need to be creative and think about how you can make people remember your brand every time they open your product. Come with a design that shows your determination on the texture of your custom printed boxes with logos. It helps in retaining the customers. 

9 DIY Packaging Ideas

We will look at nine unique DIY packaging styles to enhance the versatility of your brand: 

  1. Dazzling Boxes for Ornaments 

You will be surprised to find out that glitter can make the most ordinary of boxes shine. This is one of my favorite DIYs because you only need a few materials and your supply closet will yield everything else.

You can easily purchase ordinary boxes and glitters from department stores, but it is a good idea to think about the design process first.

Sending a handwritten thank-you note is the perfect way to show gratitude for your purchase. You can even customize it with colors that match what’s inside.

  1. Wooden-Framed Translucent Boxes

A clothing brand has come with a unique and nature-oriented style that has wooden frames with a transparent center, showing apparel elegantly. 

This style of packaging is amazing for products that are meant to be the center of the spotlight. This includes foodstuffs, makeup products, ornaments, etc.

Whether you are in the market for premium packaging or not, it is always beneficial to have some knowledge about what goes into creating a good design.

  1. Elegantly-Design Pillow Boxes

These boxes are a perfect choice if you want to gift something, be it eyeliner or assorted biscuits. It is pretty secure to keep your items safe from any sort of damage. 

You can contact DIY websites to have the print of your likings for these boxes. Make the most out of it to leave a strong impression on your customers. 

  1. Stamp Your Boxes

Thanks to the rise of social media, DIY packaging is on trend for sellers looking to save money. Custom boxes with stamp prints are a simple and creative way to package your handcrafted goods while also staying true to your minimalistic brand aesthetic.

  1. Go Eco-Friendly with Your DIY Design

Earth-conscious consumers can now create their own eco-friendly packaging for fragrant soaps, supplements, and makeup items with the help of sustainable boxes. These are easy to make, but they will not disappoint anyone who is passionate about the ecological system. 

  1. Vibrant Bubble Mailer Boxes

Bubble mailers can be used for a variety of purposes, from books or notebooks to shirts and gym clothes. The great news is that bubble mailers are cost-effective as well as easy to personalize. What’s more? Bubble wrap provides protection during transit, so you don’t have anything break in your packages.

Make your packaging look fun and feel personal with stickers or labels that are designed just for you! Adding these simple details to the exterior of your boxes will make them more memorable.

  1. Embellishing Gold-Golding & Floral Design

The elegant, rustic packaging you have been dreaming of can be more attainable than ever with a few simple materials and tricks. If you are looking for something quick and easy to make your container look like an art piece in the making, try gold gilding or box doodling on any surface. 

For those who are artistically challenged (or just want to get it done faster), high-quality prints of flowers or anything related to the product usually does the trick.

You can find patterns and floral designs online for your product packaging, but it’s always advised that you design them yourself.

  1. Simple DIY Boxes with Personalized Stickers

Stickers are a great way to make your boxes look distinct and be memorable. They can also bind together the items inside of it, which is convenient in case you want them all stacked on top of each other after they have been opened.

  1. Cotton-Muslin Bags with Custom Stamps

No one will ever forget you when they get a favor packaged in this durable, colorful gift bag. Muslin bags are commonly used for packaging favors for events such as housewarming parties and bridal showers. These soft yet sturdy wrapping materials can be reused by the recipient or recycled after use. 

Pack to Protect the Items

If you want to protect your package, it is important that the seller seals and properly packages their item. This way, they can limit the damage by making sure each part of the shipping process has a designated person responsible for handling them with care.

Many businesses are putting additional stuff like shipping peanuts or fillers to increase safety. It is excellent for fragile products. 

The best way to pack a box for shipping is by filling it with paddings, like bubble wrap or foam peanuts. Then gently shake the box until you are sure that there’s no movement inside of it; this will ensure your package arrives safely.

In Conclusion 

We have seen in this article how you can have nine different DIY packaging styles to increase the versatility of your business. We have presented several beautiful box styles that house a place in the customer’s hearts. It is important to take care of the look of the packaging as well as its strength. For which, you can reach out to a professional packaging company like Impressionville.

We hope this article was fun to read and helped you have better ideas for your packaging designs.