9 Trendy Kurtis to wear in 2020

9 Trendy Kurtis to wear in 2020

Trendy Kurtis To Wear in 2020

Every woman has goals to look like. Even men to have goals to look like someone or dress like someone And we know how difficult it is to choose a new outfit for everyday use. 

Especially if you have to pick from  ‘traditional vs modern.’ 

What if we tell you that you can keep both a bit together. Having trending kurtis makes you so unique.

Kurtis with jeans is A killer Combination.

Jeans and kurtis combination is not new Innovation. But Every fashion trends are having a mixture of old and modern style. 

While you are having stressful days, hangout out with some friends or heading towards party kurtis with jeans is the perfect choice for you.

Kurtis is one most comfortable for clothing were women try to choose kurtis over sarees.

Kurtis is available everywhere in the market, but nowadays you can also buy from the online store.

1. Formal Route With Long Shirt Style Kurtis

Formal Traditional Clothing doesn’t really excite you or if you are simply looking to mix it up for work.

You just need to pair your long shirt style kurtis with denim jeans. You will be totally dressed.

You can try fashionable collars, button & modern prints, using a solid colour will make you Fantastic  

2. Short Kurtis with Jeans

All kurtis which can be paired with denim, Short kurtis with jeans are going to grab people’s attention. There is plenty of short kurtis jeans designs in the market even popular ones like Anarkali style, jacket kurtis and patterns that you can choose from it. 

Short Kurtis are very comfortable, so you don’t feel uncomfortable. At the same time outfit can be simple with just simple effort.

Once you have chosen a kurti according to your choice, you can pick up a pair of jeans or sandals which you can go with it.

There are tons of heavily design or pattern in denim in light blue. you can try straight kurtis look great with black

The look would make you look like Casual., You should also carry a bag which you make you unique.

3. Front Slit Kurti

Throw off those plain clothes for front slit kurti. Sometimes your outfit needs Some small twist which can make it extraordinary.

Front slit is all you need. Which can break down the boredom 

Front slit kurtis with jeans going to make you hot. You are going to grab a lot of men’s attention with slit kurtis with jeans.

This kurti usually looks good in materials like cotton, silk, materials.

Yes, you can wear kurtis with any demanding style, to look more attractive.

To look more traditional, you can add bracelets, rings, earrings.

There are tons of options for kurtis which you add or remove according to your choice.

4. Slay With A Side Slit Kurti

slit kurti

Side Slit kurti is all the excitement for all. There is basically long kurtis with side slits that can reach all way up to your waist to allow to move flexibly.

Side Slit kurtis are easy to find in the local market, and you can buy every type of kurtis online, there only a few giants which sells kurtis online.

If you want to buy kurtis online, then buy it from a wholesaler or local seller.

5. Printed Kurtis 

printed kurti

Printed kurtis are comfortable to wear, and there is a vast collection of printed kurtis. You can also make your own printed kurtis by adding a design on plain kurtis, and you make printed kurtis in cheap rate, or you can find ready-made printed kurtis from the market. Printed kurtis doesn’t have any problem with design or fitting.

You can wear jewellery like a bracelet and earrings or bangles with kurti which will make you adorable

6. Anarkali Kurti 

Anarkali kurtis is old and popular of all the time. You can find Anarkali kurtis in Indian Bollywood movies and many super hit actress too wearing Anarkali kurtis.

The demand for Anarkali kurtis is never less. 

Anarkali kurtis stays top in our list; This kurtis gives you comfort and pleasure to wear.

This can be easy to wear in summer in India. college girls and ladies can wear this kurti

Pairing this kurtis with white mojari is a good idea to look more traditional or have desi look.

Cotton kurtis with skirts are a deadly combination which is worth a try.

7. Shirt Style Kurtis

shirt style kurti

Shirt style kurti is very common among ladies in India; This kurtis is most preferred by ladies who are working or doing office work.

No doubt its gives you professional look as well as traditional look. Its combination of formal and desi look.

The most important part about this kurtis is the comfort which it gives you in summer days,

8. Stylish jacket Kurtis

Jacket style kurtis is unique style kurtis where it is a combination of jacket and kurtis. Here one extra layer of attire is a jacket and kurti is designed according to the jacket.

Jacker kurtis are quite trendy in the fashion industry.

Jacket kurtis gives you an elegant look which depends upon how you wanted to look and design.

9. Cold Shoulder Kurti Style

cold shoulder kurti style

Clod shoulder kurti is the coolest fashion where the top of the shoulder is cut round and made open. Cold shoulder kurtis style is a modern style which gives a stylish western look. 

You can wear a long earning with it and also bangles. Wearing high heels shoes gives you a complete package of modern look.

Hope you liked to this 9 trendy kurtis to wear in 2020 article so you can get to know about trendy kurtis in the Indian fashion industry right now.

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