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You must have heard this quote “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” and in my opinion, many of you follow this. If not apple at least a fruit. Today many people are taking care of their health as people have become health aware. Getting up early morning, going for a gym or walk, eating healthy food, going to sleep early. Multiple things we are doing to keep our body healthy.

I would like to ask you one question. How many of you are doing full body scanning or checkup every year?.Very few of us!!!!.Even I am not doing my health checkup every year because I feel that I am fine, I am a living a healthy life, then why I need to have a health checkup every year?.But the truth is We know what we are doing from outside to our body but do we know what is really happening inside our body?

I will share with you a real story of my father. My father was someone who used to take care of health very much. Eating fruits, drinking milk, eating dry fruits, green vegetables. I have not seen any person in my life like my father, but like we say we do not know what is happening inside the body, on 24th December 2006 my father was diagnosed with the kidney problem. His kidney got shrunk. There was no other option but to transplant his kidney which was done on 13th June 2008. I think that if yearly health checkup would have been done, this would not have happened.

According to one of the best dietitian in Delhi, screening of your body is very important. These screenings can save your life by detecting any disease you are at risk and immediate medications can be given. Now I am going to write some of the tests that need to be included in the yearly medical checkup.

LIPID PROFILE:- This test is to check the good and the bad cholesterol in your body and a fat in your blood. The high amount of Cholesterol can lead to heart disease, Blocked arteries and stroke. Men above the age of 35 and women above the age of 45 should do this test for sure.

LIVER FUNCTION TEST:- This test will check the health of your liver by measuring the levels of certain proteins, enzymes, and the bilirubin present in the blood.

RENAL PROFILE:- This test is also called Kidney Function Test. The function of the kidney is to filter waste materials from the blood and exit them from urine. It helps in the production of RBC and hormones to regulate blood pressure.

COMPLETE BLOOD COUNT:-The complete blood count checks the quantity and the quality of the cells that make blood like red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.

HAEMOGLOBIN A1C TEST:- This test keeps the check your sugar level in last 3 months.

BONE DENSITY:- This test check the density of your bones. This test can diagnose osteoporosis.

These are the must do checkup which you need to do every year. If you think there are more tests that should be done every year please post the name in the comments.