All You Need To Know About Hard and Soft Coloured Contact Lenses

All You Need To Know About Hard and Soft Coloured Contact Lenses

More and more people are now using contact lenses every day. As the days go by, the popularity of contact lenses is increasing. And when the latest contact lenses trends include vibrant and eye-catching colours, there is no way that people could avoid them. Coloured contact lenses are just amazing. You must have at least two or three friends or family members who are using coloured contacts. 

Coloured contact lenses are not just used for lifestyle purpose and fashion, but they are also quite popular for events and festivals such as Halloween. You could find some really bold designs and colours for Halloween such as the blackout contact lenses or the blind white contact lenses. If you have a pair of coloured contact lenses, then you have the all in one solution for fashion and lifestyle.

But before we buy coloured contact lenses, there are certain things that we need to consider. Such as the colour of the contact lenses that would suit our eyes and skin tone. Alongside that, there is a small matter of the types of contact lenses. Based on our requirements, we may choose to buy hard contact lenses and soft coloured contact lenses. Below we are going to discuss how the two types of coloured lenses are different and what are the benefits of the two. 

Soft Coloured Contact Lenses

Soft coloured contact lenses are very delicate as they are made of a soft plastic called silicone hydrogel. And they are designed to retain more water content. The material being soft and delicate the lenses containing more water makes it very comfortable on the eyes. The more water content allows for more oxygen to pass through the lenses. That is why these contact lenses are very comfortable to wear for longer periods. 

Another important detail about soft coloured lenses is that most daily disposable contact lenses are soft contact lenses. The soft contact lenses are very comfortable on the eye and very delicate, that makes them the perfect candidate for daily disposable contact lenses. As you can wear them for the whole day with comfort and then just dispose of them at the end of the day.

While these coloured contact lenses are soft and convenient, the material is very delicate and any carelessness could render them useless. If you don’t handle them properly you may damage the material and the lens would not be wearable. So handling must be done with extreme care. That is why many daily disposable coloured contacts are made of soft lenses, so you wouldn’t need to care for them after one time use.

These soft contact lenses are also available for weekly disposable coloured lenses. In that case you would be required to clean them after every use with the solution. 

Rigid Gas Permeable Coloured Contact Lenses

Also known as hard contact lenses are much harder than the soft contact lenses and provide more durability.

These hard contact lenses are made of a much harder material, silicone polymers. While they are hard and a bit rigid, they are made to provide more oxygen to the eyes, hence they are quite comfortable to wear.

Those who use weekly coloured contact lenses or monthly coloured contact lenses usually prefer to use the hard contact lenses. Hard contact lenses are more durable and with proper care they will be perfect for use till their expiry. Because they are made of much stronger material, they are the best candidate for contact lenses made for longer use.

The only thing you would need to take care is the cleaning of the contact lenses. Hard contact lenses would not get damaged that easily, but will require proper cleaning with the disinfectant solution.

Are there any precautions with Coloured Contact Lenses?

Coloured contact lenses work wonders when it comes to enhancing your eye colour and appearance. 

With coloured contact lenses you may be able to beautify your eyes and appearance, but if you are not careful enough, you may end up damaging your eyes. There are certain precautions that you should always take when using coloured contact lenses.

  • When purchasing your favourite coloured lenses, always stick to renowned brands and online stores. Do not fall for cheap contact lenses
  • Hygiene is very important. So always clean your hands properly before touching contact lenses.
  • Don’t ever share your coloured contact lenses with anyone. They are your personal property. Sharing of coloured lenses transmits eye diseases.
  • Only wear coloured contact lenses for the time that is instructed in the instructions. Wearing them for longer periods would leave your eyes dry.
  • Never sleep without taking off your coloured contact lenses..

These are some very important precautions and safety guidelines associated with coloured contact lenses that you must follow.


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