Best Cake for Your Anniversary

Best Cake for Your Anniversary

The anniversary comes once a year but they are celebrated nowadays with great pomp and show as if they were some festival. And with their culture becoming really popular of celebrating your love, rekindling the spirit of your love on the same day that you got married, fell in love with somebody or proposed to your lovely bridegroom. 

Remember one thing about anniversaries and that is that in order to surprise the whole surprise you should not be dependent on anyone person. And or both of you should equally participate in those surprises. 

Usually, there are two questions to be asked when you are getting any cake for any particular occasion such as a birthday, Holi,  Diwali Christmas, New year,  Hanukah Halloween,  Easter, etc.  And those three questions are – 

1) Who is going to bake the cake? 

This is the first and foremost question that who is going to actually bake the cake are you going to do it as a shared activity? Is it going to be free ordered from a Bakery or are you going to make the mixture and ask Bakery to bake it for you? These are general questions to ask when you think of baking a cake, especially for your anniversary because you don’t want to spoil it by using a cake that is all rotten. 

2) What should be the taste of the cake? 

One of the most important things about the cake for any particular location is that what is going to be the taste of the cake is going to be something like strawberry chocolate classic buttercream cake chocolate ganache with cheese frosting. So the taste of the cake could be anything that you love or it is associated with any of your particular memories if you don’t have any cake memories that this time you could probably make one. 

1) Pink Champagne Cake 

The pink champagne cake is actually made up in two ways one actually I drink pink champagne to the flower and the other one by adding pink champagne essence to the cake. Both the where is the cake becomes really tasty creamy and moist that most of us love otherwise who wants to eat a dry cake on their anniversary. No problem with this cake is that pink champagne is not very easily available and some of you might not even drink so the best thing here is to use a pink champagne essence which is actually a dried out of some natural flowers. So an online cake delivery in Bangalore or any other city are very easily available for Pink champagne to take to make your anniversary special. 

2) Gingerbread Cake 

Gingerbread cake you might be thinking that’s quite strange for an anniversary? But the thing is that Gingerbread cakes of becoming quite popular as a dessert and now they are not eaten just on Christmas but on several other locations as well and that is why Gingerbread cake is one of the best cakes for anniversary it has the extra flavor of ginger and molasses talk to with some dry fruits to make your evening warm and special. If you want to do more with the cake you can ask the Bakery to add some vanilla or chocolate which arising you prefer on top of the cake to make it look more beautiful and taste much better. You can solve this cake with your husband or wife with some beautiful music in the background and fresh flowers in a vase on the table. 

3) Chocolate Cake 

Nowadays chocolate cake is just not chocolate it’s chocolate truffle,  chocolate ganache, dark chocolate, white chocolate, chunky chocolate, mocha Choco chocolate, double fudge chocolate, triple chocolate. Well isn’t it a lot of chocolate. So now you can pick any chocolate cake that you want because they all vary in taste a lot and have a lot of different ingredients to make them more chocolaty and moist and good enough to satisfy your palate with just one bite. I suppose if you are out of town and cannot celebrate the anniversary with your husband or wife then you can definitely go with an online cake and flower delivery in gurgaon any other city of your choice where ever your spouse or partner is living. 

4) Creamy Fruit Cake Vanilla Flavored 

Have you ever tried a pure vanilla cake? if not then before your anniversary should be a very first ask to go and actually try a vanilla cake but you must remember the fact that a vanilla cake is actually made up by using the real vanilla sticks to derive the exact flavor and of course some vanilla essence too. The major taste of the cake lies in its base that is the bread, if the bread is baked properly and has all the ingredients it would definitely taste amazing but the bread is missing or has one or two ingredients more than definitely it will taste bad and may not bake properly. And now that your fruit cake is ready you can stop it with some good vanilla icing. if you are possibly in a different city or even if you are not and want to surprise your spouse or partner then get this cake delivered to them with fresh flowers

5) Pineapple Cake 

Pineapple cake is considered one of the moistest cakes after pink champagne. The reason for its moistness is that the dough contains milk and both vanilla and pineapple extracts. Pineapple cake with fresh flowers in the morning would definitely make up for the best surprise for your anniversary. 

6) Pound Moist Orange Cake 

Pound cakes have become popular nowadays. The reason for voiceless in and pound cake is that after the cake is made it’s been brushed with some orange juice and oranges as well which is prepared after boiling in the form of syrup with added sugar. Pound cake is an amazing way to break it says the morning and set it on the table with some anniversary roses, carnations, lilies, tulips on whichever fresh flowers your wife, husband, or partner likes.