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Best Cultural Destinations In India

Best Cultural Destinations In India

If you’re interested to know more about different cultures, customs and traditions, there is no better place than India. India is a land of diverse cultures and these are the top cultural destinations in India. There are so many inspiring cultures, traditional and colorful costumes, different languages, and many things to know about India. 

1. Delhi – Capital of India

This city is one of the major cities in India where you can find people from different parts of the country. It is a blend of various people, customs, traditions and lifestyles. So, you find the old style of traditions and the most modern trends here. For the typical olden style of India check out the heritage and exuberant culture in Old Delhi. Find the influences of Mughal era in the historical structures of India, Mughalai Cuisine, and places. This is also a shopper’s heaven as there are many famous shopping destinations in Delhi. 

2. Varanasi – A Famous Pilgrimage site

This is one of the most visited tourist pilgrimage sites in India. People from all walks of life and all over the world come here to take blessings and witness one of the busiest places. There is a harmony of Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism and tourists who want to see processions, rituals, and holy dips. The temple touches the banks of the River Ganga which is a sacred river and many people take a holy dip and a visit to the pilgrimage site. There are several spiritual tour packages in India include Varanasi destination. People also call the place one of the most sacred destinations in the world. It is also popular for traditional musicians and handloom saris. 

3. Jaipur – Pink City of Rajasthan

This is one of the most visited tourist destinations in India. This capital city has historical structures that are recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, fortified cities, and much more. You can see the palaces in which the Rajput kings lived and experience many activities for tourists in Jaipur. There are famous street markets, shopping areas, camel fair, etc. where you can explore the culture still present in the colorful and traditional dressing, folk music and dance performances, Rajashtani Thali, etc. 

4. Hampi – The Temple town of Karnataka

This is one of the cultural tourism destinations in India with a lot of temples. The village houses are a different experience of the busy city life here. it is famous for several different historic ruins of various dynasties, Dravidian palaces, Virupaksha and vithala temples, Hazara Rama and Ugra Narsimha, Queens Bath, etc. These are famous cultural attractions in India. 

5. Fort Kochi – Gem of Kerala

This place full of diverse traditions come from colonial Portugal era. From famous tourist destinations in Kerala to Interesting things to do in Kerala. Spice plantations, Chinese fishing nets, busy street marketplaces, antiques, fishermen and boat rides. It is one of the best cultural tourist destinations in India. Kathakali or Kalaripayattu performances are the most famous art and culture dance forms in Kerala

6. Amritsar – The Golden Temple

Punjab is famous for the Golden Temple in Amritsar that is a culture hub of the state. This is one of the cultural tourist destinations in India that gave a lot of literature, art and culture of Punjab. This cultural exuberance extends to the spiritual heritage, illuminated Amritsar temple, bustling marketplaces, famous dance performances, dramas featuring Punjabi culture, lip smacking local cuisine, fun and frolic, and most celebrated festivals.

7. Kolkata – Oldest Culture Hub of India

This eastern state is also known as the Culture capital of the country. It is known world over for the literary arts and rich customs. Everything from famous Bengali sweets, regional cinema, local tourism, language and culture, street food, transportation, to the famous Durga Puja Celebrations in West Bengal – is all about culture. This is why it is also one of the top cultural destinations in India. 

8. Goa – Top beach destination of India

There are a lot of different things to do in Goa. It is a blend of modern and traditional culture. The tourists world over visit and like to settle down in the tiny state. Visitors from all over the country visit the famous beaches in Goa. It is famous for hosting electronic Music parties and nightclubs so is known as Party capital of India. This is the modern attractions in Goa and there are various cultural attractions in Goa. The fisherman culture, Portugal influences, hippie style, seafood cuisine, flea market shopping, dance, fun and frolic. The diverse culture hub will intrigue you with exuberance. It has an international airport connecting to major world cities and is accessible by car or taxi from neighboring states. Surely without a doubt this is one of the top 10 cultural destinations in India.