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Best Study Tips for Examination

Best Study Tips for Examination

When we receive our exam date sheet what is the first thing that comes into our mind?. The first thing that comes in my mind is “I have a lot to study but from where should I start”. What is the outcome? We study 8 hours to 12 hours a day for the reason that we perform well in exams. This way of studying is harmful to our mind and body.

Let’s look at some ways in which you can be more effective and the study time becomes shorter. I am sure that it happens with many of you. I applied these tips while preparing for the examination which my mother shared with me.

  • Calculate how many days are left for your exams and make a schedule of your study. Start from the toughest subject. Make sure that you rotate the subjects otherwise it will be boring to study.

  • Study in small intervals. Do take a small 10-minute break after 1.5 hours. What matters is not that how long you studied but how much you have studied. In those 10 minutes just go for a little walk or listen to songs or play your favourite instrument.
  • Do not be in a hurry to complete the subject. Take small parts at a time and revise it the next day before starting the new one.
  • While choosing the topics in the chapter, give preference to the core material to study first. Most of the questions come from there only.
  • Do not mug up the answers because then you will definitely forget it. Understand the chapter well and then prepare the answers in your own words. It will be better if you will write the answers rather than just reading it.

  • the chapter is by creating a mindmap ((pictorial representation of the words.)) on a drawing paper. Stick these on to a cupboard or the wall. Keeping these in front of your eyes all the time will help you in learning them more easily. Our mind grasps the pictures and colours more than words so it will be easy for you to remember. As a result, when you will go just before the exam just go through the mind map.
  • Create a study group with your friends and solve the last 3 years question paper. Secondly, explain the topic to someone in your group and if you are not able to explain it that means you need a revision.

  • Where you are studying also matters a lot. Sitting on a bed or a sofa, studying where your family is talking is a casual approach. This will make you lazy or you may go to sleep or this may distract you from your studies. Always sit on a study table in your study room and then study.
  • Last but, not least is take care of your health. Complete your sleep of 8 hours and eat food on time. Do not stay awake till late at night during exam time.

Here are some of the tips that helped me in passing each examination from class 10th till my graduation. I hope these tips will help you also in doing well in your examinations.

Do not get panic. Take actions!!!!.

kindly share how did you like the tips in the comment box below!!!