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Best Treks To Do In Bangalore

Best Treks To Do In Bangalore

If you are in the Southern part of India and looking for a way to escape from the city then there are numerous treks around Bangalore that will surely give you a sigh of relief from the chaotic city lifestyle. These treks are something that will make you spend a stirring weekend in the outskirts of the city. You can explore some of the ancient forts and famed temples with a scenic view of hills, mountains, plains, and foliage forests. If you go deep onto your trails then you can discover gleaming waterfalls and pristine lakes as well. So let’s take a tour of some of the alluring and staggering treks in Bangalore. 


The adventurous trek of Ramanagara is something that can be enjoyed by both an amateur and professional as well. This 6 km trail is something for the real backpackers and is known for rocky terrain and is renowned for its silk market and panoramic view. Rock climbing and bird watching are some of the activities that make this trek more of an adventure. If you are interested in mythology then the primeval Pattabhi Rama Temple is something to explore. Sholay, one of the most famed movies of Bollywood, was also shot here. 

Nandi Hills

This trek is nothing less than a paradise in Bangalore. Nandi Hills is nestled up at an altitude of 1,478 meters, giving you the best sunrise of your life. This place is the summer palace of Tipu Sultan. You have to climb around 1200 stairs to reach the palace and enjoy the bewitching view of gleaming Amrita Sarovar and bordering hills. If you are a real adventurer then rock climbing and rappelling from Tipu’s drop is something to be experienced. Nandi Hills never disappoints shutterbugs with its beauty. 

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If you want to challenge your trekking skills then the trek of Skandagiri is a perfect pick for you. This trek is all about alluring views as it begins from Papagani Temple and on your way, you will get a chance to explore the staggering caves. If you want to witness the best of the trek then climbing up the trail during the night is a perfect time. The mesmerizing view of clouds resting on mountains and bewildering sunrise is something to be admired. You can set up your own tent and relish an astounding experience of camping and bird watching as well. 

Kodachadri Trek

Kodachadri trek is one of the most ideal trekking trails near Bangalore admired by backpackers. This 12 kilometer is nestled up at an altitude of 1,343 meters taking you through the foliage forests and hazy peaks. Hidlumane and Arasinagundi are two of the gleaming waterfalls giving you a mesmerizing view on the trail. This place is also one of the important pilgrimage spots hosting the ancient Mookambika temple. Located in Shimoga at a distance of 278 kilometers away from the city, the Kodachadri trek is something that can be a perfect weekend vacation with your friends.

Mullayanagiri Trek

It is the highest peak of Karnataka at an altitude of 6,330 feet. Mullayanagiri Trek is an ideal trek for beginners with not much difficulty. If you are a dendrophile then this trek will serve you with the best of its unique flora and fauna. This trek begins from Sarapadhari and will take you through the dramatic lush green trail. You can witness a few waterfalls as you climb up. This trek in the Western ghats looks not less than heaven during monsoons. 

Tadiandamol Trek

Tadiandamol Trek is probably the most admired trekking trail near Bangalore. With a rise of 1,748 meters, Tadiandamol is host to novice and professionals all over time as they try to conquer the strong pinnacles of this mountain. Covered in green from the head to the foot, Tadiandamol is a perfect pick for a fast escape from the crowded and chaotic life of Bangalore. Tadiandamol offers staggering opportunities for journeying, touring, and experiential exercises and subsequently is quite possibly the most mainstream vacationer location in Coorg. Rafting, jumaring and high rope traversing are a few adventurous activities you can try while trekking. It is also the third-highest mountain range in Karnataka and the noteworthy peak in the Kodagu District.