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Best Treks to do in Uttarakhand

Best Treks to do in Uttarakhand

The tale of high ranges in Uttarakhand would remind you of the glory of multiple deities. Besides being auspicious in its very existence, it is also home to rich biodiversity. A large variety of flora and fauna is accustomed to the state of Uttarakhand. The treks that draw its authority to Uttarakhand are arduously thrilling. Most of the treks in the state are known to share their boundaries and territories intensively. Some treks also pave your path for another and the row progresses. In an effort to make you aware of some of the eventful journeys to the summits of Uttarakhand, the below guidance is quoted.

Bali Pass Trek

The meandering trail near the Ruinsara river seems lively when crossed in broad daylight. It is not surprising to realize that the Ruinsara valley and forest dominate half of your trail, to be precise it beautifies it. The trek to Bali pass is best if attempted before or after the monsoon. The peak is settled at 16, 207 ft. making it a difficult trek. For 8 days in a row, you realize your hidden potential to endure challenging terrain. The path guides you along the countryside of Osla. The temples in Osla are immensely immersing that will equip your heart with philosophy.

Kedarkantha Trek

Get ready to explore the land of mountains from above 12, 500 ft. The Kedarkantha is one of the rewarding treks during winters. The Independent summit respites in the accomplishments of its visitor. The forests and clearings play the game of monopoly every 2 hours when you find a clearing after crossing a forest. The stretch of forests is thin and permits the percolation of breath-taking rays of the Sun. In a matter of 2 days, you reach the peak after camping in Juda ka Talab and Kedarkantha Base Camp. The incline becomes steeper as you get closer to the peak, this is when your endurance plays a crucial role. One special phenomenon of this trek is that the peak becomes visible after a certain point of elevation.

Valley of Flowers Trek

A diversified layer of flowers on a gradual slope making it an alpine lawn created by the force of nature. The trail from Ghangaria begins to exhibit the distinctive qualities of the Valley of Flowers. The world recognizes this vibrant flower valley located at a height of 12,000 ft. as one of the World Heritage Sites. The route to Valley of Flowers requires you to traverse for two days. In the meanwhile, you come across another route that branches to Hemkund Sahib. Without visiting Hemkund Sahib on the trail to Valley of Flowers raises a regret. It is attributed as a moderate trek although the incline remains relatively gradual, the narrow paths that have sharp edges require prudence.

Brahmatal Trek

Characterized as a moderate trek but the climb is worth the pain. After Kedarkantha this is another winter trek that happens to be offering the best snow experience to its seekers. As you approach the height of 12, 250 ft. you discover multiple eminent mountains but the one you find most attractive is the Trishul massif.  Inside the woods that are adorned with rhododendrons, you find yourself roofed by a green canopy. The snow-covered meadows make your heart long for a loud scream and it is also possible because of the secluded nature of the trek. The Brahmatal or the famous lake of the trek is one of the stations for trekkers to relish their experience atop. On the face of the pristine lake, you find solace in your being. At the bank of the lake, you can encamp for the day.

Kedartal Trek

A distance of 50 km is covered in the quest for the Kedar lake(tal).  The highly adventurous trek is recommended to experienced trekkers. The Kedartal Lake is a crystallized blue tarn that charms the trekkers so intensely that getting their sights away becomes difficult. Mountain climbing is one of the primary features of this trek that demands you to climb spider walls and walk-through narrow ledges. Slight negligence can land you right down at the river bed with pointed rocks. The best opportunity that awaits you to grab in this trek is you can settle with your campsites amidst the eminent mountains such as Mt. Jogin, Mt.Gangotri, Manda Parvat, and e.t.c. The elevation of this trek stands at 15,485 ft. in the Greater Himalayas.