Best Whatsapp Status Wishes

Best Whatsapp Status Wishes

If a person is happy then he put a status on the whatsapp. If a person is to be Joyful then he put comment and show a picture on the WhatsApp to show a best response. Now a day’s WhatsApp is the basic use of every user to show the best output. Let’s see what a user wants in term of best Usability.

“May your live Long”

“With best efforts we won the match”

Best Whatsapp Status Wishes On Mother’s day

“Mother is a best friend to share our Stress”

“I love my mother I am nothing without her”

“My Mother is best ever in the world”

“No one can wants to lose his/her mother I love my mother”

“Sweet words and her words gives me now life it’s not any other she is my life my mother”

“If you love mother then everyone loves you”

“Mother words like cool breeze”

“Mother is the top priority in every religion”

“If you give respect to my mother then I respect you”

“God Bless your mother in Heaven”

“May your Mother Lives Long”

“God gives her my life”

Best Whatsapp status Wishes On Friends day

“My life is uncompleted with my friend God never lost any friends”

“Friends are angles for us God gives them long life”

“Whenever I feel alone I call him he is always my best friend”

“Best Wisher, Best Stress sharing, Best Talented is my friend”

“Realistic, Funny, Educated, Smart, Most Talented is my friend”

“Friend is blood of life”

“Never lose a friend”

“Shopping friend is blessing of Allah”

“Poor friend is also a source of inspiration”

Best Whatsapp Status Wishes Birthday wishes

“Happy Birthday”

“May God bring more and more happy movements in your life”

“Never lose those days which are to be important for you that is a day of you when God gift you to us”

“Now a day when you think that you get more important that is your birthday”

“Beside the happy movement the day is passed but we are happy that we are with you on this event happy Birthday”

“Every new day is like a birthday”

Best Whatsapp status Wishes for Wife:

“When ever I am alone I think you are with me”

“I always love you”

“Your smile always remember able for me when I think about you in office time”

“You are the most beautiful person of my life”

“Always Gives me a big hand whenever I am alone”

“A man that makes my life heaven”

“Love You even you are ill”

“Smart personality with Nobel thinking”

“I choose you because I love you”

“Best friend of my life is my wife”

“You are the queen of my life”

“You are the smartest and a very lucky personality for me”

What’s New in Whats app:

Now a days the users of android are to be growing with a daily new user of 10000 in a day. The people who are to be using android apps. They want that they get daily updates their apps. For a minute stop here there are various powerful apps that a common man uses in a single day. Some are social and some are arcade games to show the latest updates. In that time Softex Pakistan is providing premium services on their most wanted Application for the user to upload their status. Now there are more than 240 people are to be using their status.

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