Charismatic Chrysanthemums- The Birth Flower of November

Charismatic Chrysanthemums- The Birth Flower of November

When you think of choosing the most pulsating flowers whether for gifting or keeping in a pot on your balcony, Chrysanthemums are one of the prime considerations in the mind. Blooming time of these flowers is the fall season when most flowers tend to wither off the shoots.  

Affectionately called ‘Mums’, the Chrysanthemums are commercially sold across several online flower stores. When you want to surprise the birthday person in November, or looking for a bouquet for the 13th wedding anniversary, Mum is an indispensable option in the mind for midnight online flower delivery in ahmedabad

Why are they so popular? Apart from being the birth flower of November, there is a lot to explore about these outsized blooms. 

History and Origin

The cultivation of Chrysanthemums was started in China during the early 15th century BC. Originally, this flower was cultivated for treating several health complications such as headaches, high blood pressure, etc. 

During the 400 BC, the Buddhist monks started cultivating mums in Japan where it is called ‘Kiku’. The flower became popular in Europe during the 17th Century. 

The flower got its name from the father of Taxonomy- Carl Linnaeus who derived the name ‘Chrysanthemums’ from two Greek words ‘Chrysos’ which means gold and ‘Anthemon’ that means flower. 

Chrysanthemums in Various Countries

Japan- National Chrysanthemum Day 

Since 910, the National Chrysanthemum Day (Kiku no Sekku) is observed on September 9 in Japan also called the Festival of Happiness. 

Australia- Ancient Flower for Mother’s Day

It is an age-old tradition to present Chrysanthemums to the loving moms on Mother’s Day in Australia. This occasion arrives in autumn in this country hence, they are available on a large scale at affordable prices. 

Italy- Flower of Death 

white flowers

Every year, the Day of the Dead- ‘Il Giorno Dei Morti’ is observed on November 2 when people offer Chrysanthemums to their dead family members and relatives at the graveyard. It is also the funeral flower used during the processions. 

Chrysanthemums Significance in Feng Shui

According to the Feng Shui belief, mums are known to strengthen the yang energy. Keeping these flowers at home, therefore, attracts good luck and prosperity. 

Symbolism and Meaning

In general, the Mums symbolize good fortune and a long life. Found in several vibrant hues at Bloomsvilla, these flowers have in-depth meaning and significance. 

White: They represent innocence, holiness, and purity

Violet: These symbolize health and prosperity so they are apt for giving as a Get Well Soon gift

Red: Extremely popular romantic flower, the red-hued mums are given on Valentine’s Day to express the feelings of deep passion and intense love. 

Yellow: Bright yellow mums are full of positive energy symbolizing joy and mirthfulness. 

Pink: These flowers also signify love and romance. While red ones are best suited for those who are celebrating mature love, the pink variation is the perfect choice if you want to express love to someone special. 

Why are Chrysanthemums so Special for your Home Garden 

purple flowers

Whether you have a kitchen nursery or want to grow beautiful flowers in a pot indoors, Chrysanthemums are a splendid choice for any sort of gardening. 

When planted with other veggies around, these plants with medicinal properties help to keep the bugs away. 

According to research by NASA, cultivating these large blossoms indoors bestow a healthy environment in your home surroundings by absorbing toxins from the air. 

These enchanting large flowers cannot bear the chilling frost. Grow them in containers indoors during the frost season to keep them healthy, safe, and blooming.  

Some Interesting Facts about Chrysanthemums

  • The Korean alcoholic drink gukhwaju is prepared by placing a petal of mums in the glass of wine.
  • The petals of Chrysanthemums are dried and grounded to prepare pyrethrins. You can use them as flea repellent in the kitchen nursery or on your pets at home.
  • From ancient times, the flower tea is prepared with Chrysanthemum petals in China. Consuming this tea is helpful for detoxification of the liver, increasing the functionality of the circulatory system, treating varicose vein and faster recovery from ailments. 
  • Mums are also the 13th Wedding Anniversary flowers

Some Parting Words,

Chrysanthemum is the flower with multiple utilities. When it comes to gifting, give mums on Mother’s Day, 13th marriage anniversary or to someone who was born in November. This depicts that you have put in some thoughts and research before choosing the flower gift.