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Childcare Centres An Important Leaf Of A Parent’s Life

Childcare Centres An Important Leaf Of A Parent’s Life

Any child who gets required freedom, acceptance and care will learn from surroundings without any hesitance and will grow. He or she should feel that they are welcomed everywhere they go; they will feel inclusive and will make genuine connections with people. School or childcare centers play a key role in the holistic development of the kid.  

In early age, when a child goes to an early care center, they will learn quickly if the learning methodology is play-based, and that is the crux of Early Years Learning Framework.

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An inclusive approach is best for the child, and hence parents are involved and kept up to date with what all activities are happening in the childcare centers daily. Parents are encouraged to provide their inputs as they are the one who knows kids best and can help in defining short- and long-term goals of the kid. Many of these interactions are kept voluntarily ensuring that busy parents engage but do not get overburdened.

A kid in a childcare centre gets the first start in learning in an institutional space.  Learning programs are designed for children to step into contact with kids, develop language skills and act based on thinking smart. These skills are essential to succeed in life. All children in the centre are encouraged to learn, unlearn, explore, fail, and succeed and most importantly enjoy while doing all of these activities. 

Child Care Centres: A Transition Hub

Childcare centres act as a transition hub for children before they go into formal school. All the vital skills a kid needs to learn and get transitioned into a school environment starts from this stage.  Once a kid develops an understanding of the flow of stories, color and how to make them into a single box, the kid starts getting ready for the next phase, and that is reading and writing.

Basic skills like handling color pencils, putting blocks at the right size helps kids to develop their fine and gross motor skills, preparing them for a successful transition to school.

Many childcare centres partner with schools to design programs to help children have an easy and early transition to school life. You will find regular trips to school and libraries help kids to get rid of the fear of big schools.

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Early Learning Acts As A Foundation

Early learning is the foundation stone for a child.  You need to ensure that this foundation is strong for children to bring a bright future. Childcare centres design their curriculum based on world rank research, best practices and the right combination of technologies & book-based learning to ensure that the child is engaged and at the same time explores to the very best. 

You will find that all the childcare centres instructed possess level III certification supported by a university degree/diploma. They keep on a continual education process to understand research and best practices prevailing in child education.

All of the childcare centres follow The National Quality Framework. This framework has been designed to ensure that education and child care services all across are following the same standard for continuous improvement. This also helps in defining the National Quality Standards (NQS), which provides ratings for all childcare centres.  

This standard assesses centre for their education program and policies; measures are taken for child’s health and safety, centre location and area, number of staff, staff’s experience & number of staff, how kids are being engaged, how families are being engaged and most importantly how is the leadership of the centre. This helps parents to decide which centre to choose for. Hence, choosing the right childcare centre becomes paramount.