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Choosing the Best Wholesale Products for Dropshipping

Choosing the Best Wholesale Products for Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a recent trend that’s been going on that basically means the manufacturers are directly selling to either the customer or retailer. That is a great way to start your own small business which you can do from home. You won’t even have to put up any cash until you have finalized a legitimate buyer. Though, it’s a highly convenient process, by no means is it easy. It requires you to do thorough research of the market trends and figure out which are the best profitable dropship ideas or other online websites.

For that you need to be completely aware of two things, supply and demand. If you have no clue what that is, read more about it.

Knowing the Demand

In wholesale dropshipping it is important that you know about the demand that is happening in the world. If you have products that there is no demand for then you are only going to bear a lot of loss and waste your time. You have to think in a larger scale. Focus on what most buyers want and not just what you want. In order to know that, you can conduct thorough research online because a lot of people are now buying products online. This will let you know of the consumer trends that currently popular. See which trends are going to stay popular for a long period of time. 

You could also conduct surveys in person in your local neighborhood and see what there is a high demand for. By gaining a strong clientele in your region, you could easily gain enough profit to expand. Selling first to your community is a good idea since your neighbors and community members would be more likely to give you a chance and buy from you than a complete stranger.

Using Online Tools to Figure Out the Demand

When you want to expand your online dropshipping company, you should utilize all the online tools that are available to you. There are many search engines that provide you with tools that would give you a list of keywords people are searching for. You would then know which exact product you should sell. For instance, if you are interested in selling baby products then you could use tools such as Google’s Keyword Planner and see whether people are more interested in baby toys or baby strollers. Accordingly, you could choose the option with the most searches. The more searches it has, the more demand there is for a certain product. This business model will ensure that you gain a sufficient enough of a profit. 

Other popular tools are Yahoo’s Bing Keyword Research and UberSuggest. You could use these tools to narrow down your products as well. For instance, you could see whether baby car toys are more popular or baby truck toys. After gaining enough profit, you could buy more advanced tools to enhance your keyword research.

The Supply Part

After getting to know about the demand part, you have to move on to the supply part. After finalizing which products you want to sell, you need to know where you can buy those products at reasonable prices.  Bear in mind that drop shipping only gives you freedom on where you can sell the product but you are limited to which wholesales you can buy the products from. That means you need to find a really good and reliable wholesalers that would give the products to the customers on time. Take some time to find the perfect wholesaler before fulling delving into this business.

Inventory tracking

It’s important that the wholesaler you go with has a proper inventory monitoring system. The system would help you keep in track of which products you are selling. That is crucial if you wish to have an efficient business. Otherwise, you would be in trouble when there are orders from customers pending but the product is out of stock. Make sure this mistake does not occur with your business.

How reliable is the Wholesaler?

You need to know for sure whether the wholesaler is reliable or not. They should be doing everything legally and be selling legitimate products and not fake ones. This is important if you want a good reputation for your new business. Moreover, make sure it is easy for you to communicate with the wholesaler. They should know your language and respond to your calls and messages in a timely manner.


Checking the Online MarketplacesOne way to know the demand is through keyword research or conducting your own online or in-person surveys. Another thing you should see is whether the products you have chosen will sell or not. Check out an online marketplace such as Amazon or eBay and see which products are selling more. These websites won’t just display their private information and statistics to you. You have to check out the sales stats yourself. For example, you could check out SaleHoo Market Research Lab and see what the eBay sales stats are. You can see which exact products are being sold more and then accordingly you could research more into those. This information will help you know what wholesale products to sell on eBay. Moreover, when you are checking out online marketplaces, you would also get to know what the average prices of all the most popular products are. Then you can see which product would garner you what amount of profit. You would have to do math for this but it would be worth it. You have to carefully plan all of this out if you want your business to be a success.