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CHRISTMAS DAY – Know about the Christmas and The Birth Story of Jesus Christ


We wish you a merry Christmas!!

We wish you a merry Christmas!!


Do you know why Christmas is celebrated??? Christmas is celebrated in the memory of the birth of Jesus Christ between 7BC and 3BC .


Jesus Christ is believed to be the son of God. Mother Mary gave birth to Jesus in Bethlehem near Jerusalem. According to the book “Gospel of Luke’ Jesus Christ came in the womb of mother Mary when she was still a virgin and not married to Joseph Matthew. How it happened was Mary used to live in the small town called Nazareth. One night angel Gabriel came to meet Mary and told her “Mary, Soon you will be having a son and he will be called Jesus”. When Mary was about to give a birth she and Joseph Matthew had to go to Bethlehem due to new law by Romans in Nazareth to pay the taxes and there Jesus was born.

Jesus Christ’s crucifixion is honoured as Good Friday and his come back after death i.e. Resurrection is celebrated as Easter.

Have you ever wondered that from where Christmas got it’s name?

The word CHRISTMAS made from the two words CHRIST’S MASS. Christ’s Mass used to be a church service which used to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ that started in the mid of the fourth century in the Catholic Church.

As soon as December comes, we start waiting for the 25th December, the Christmas Day. Christmas is a festival of celebration. Christmas reminds about the beautifully decorated Christmas tree with Bells, Socks, Lights, small gifts, chocolates, toffees and many more, plum cakes, Sweets, Decorated churches. Christmas is not the festival of Christians, it is festival celebrated all over the world.

I used to study in a Christian school and I remember that we used start decorating our classes, school church like one week before the Christmas. Do you remember the song “Jingle Bell Jingle Bell Jingle all the way”, me and my friends used to sing all day.

There was a belief that on Christmas eve that if you are a good person then if you will put the socks under your pillow and wish what you want before sleeping then in the night Santa Clause will come and put gifts in it and I was a hard core believer that it happens. In my childhood I used to do the same before sleeping.

Do you who was my Santa actually Santa’s ???? My parents !!!!!. They knew everything what me and my brother wanted and in the night they used to come like a thief and put our gifts in the socks!!!! and when I used to get up in the morning first thing I used to do is open my socks to check what’s in it and then yepieeeeeeee there is a gift!!!. I used to jump like anything thinking that i am a good girl and that’s why Santa Clause came and gave me a gift.

Do you have any story like mine?? Share with me your special childhood memories of Christmas!!!