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Cloudera Training In Chennai: Give Your Career A New Direction Of Success

Cloudera Training In Chennai: Give Your Career A New Direction Of Success

Nowadays, technology is changing at a fast pace, therefore, it is necessary to embrace the advance and resourceful approach for the profitable growth of the organization. Over time many frameworks have emerged, which makes the business market more competitive. It is necessary to use the entire useful framework for the development of the organization. 

Collecting Big Data is one of the important aspects of the development of the organization. Therefore, many companies prefer to hire those people who have in-depth knowledge of collecting and analyzing big data. Big Data Developer Training in Chennai trains you to attain the ability to perform the difficult task as well as to attain a comprehensive knowledge of Big Data.  

Xebia Academy is one such academy where the professionals teach you in a working environment. Under the complete guidance of the professionals, you get to solve real-life office problems as well as get complete study material designed by the field professionals. 

Once you complete your training and certification from Xebia Academy, you’ll notice a vast number of opportunities waiting for you. Moreover, to enhance the knowledge of big data, one can also pursue Cloudera Training in Chennai

The things you’ll learn in this program help you to get recognized in every reputed firm. 

Important factors you’ll learn in Cloudera Training are:

  • Introduction to Apache Hadoop and Hadoop Ecosystem 
  • Understanding of Apache Hadoop file storage 
  • A deep overview of RDD 
  •  An understanding of Apache Spark Basics 
  • Transforming data with RDDs
  • Distributed processing 
  • Working with DataFrames and Schemes 
  • Analyzing Data using DataFrame 
  • Writing, Configuring and Running Apache Spark Applications 
  • Apache Spark Streaming: Data Sources 
  • And so forth 

Once you understand all these terms, you’ll be able to handle many difficult tasks as well as be able to lead a team with your knowledge and skills. Many companies provide job opportunities for the big data developer as he/she recognizes the risk and opportunity. Big Data Developer Training in Chennai ensures that you have the required set of skills to analyze and construe the data within the given time. 

The objective of Cloudera Training in Chennai:

  • The proper use of Spark SQL to query data 
  • Be able to do real-time processing of the data using spark streaming 
  • Be able to create applications with Apache Spark 2 for the betterment of the company 
  • Get the knowledge to write applications that use core Spark 
  • Attain the ability to work with big data from a distributed file system 
  • Be able to execute Spark applications on a Hadoop cluster 
  • Master the Hadoop framework and its various other functions
  • Understand the security implementation to secure data and clusters

The Cloudera Training in Chennai is done by instructors who are the leading experts in their respective fields and each of them has in-depth knowledge of the Big Data industry. 

For a company to consider employing you, it is important that you are the best in your field. You should have complete knowledge of the Big Data and Cloudera framework and system as well as its various functions.