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Despite All your Best Efforts, Is your Daughter’s/Son’s Marriage Getting Delayed? Try these Offbeat Tips

Despite All your Best Efforts, Is your Daughter’s/Son’s Marriage Getting Delayed? Try these Offbeat Tips

Many times, matchmaking services come across families that have put their best efforts to get their boys and girls married on time. However, they are yet to see their sons and daughters walking down the aisle.

This takes a toll on every person involved. Take the examples of girls or boys who are in their 30s and are yet to be married. Since the ideal age of marriage differs with cultures and beliefs, the upper age of getting married may differ. 

Once your girl or boy reaches the age, you press the panic button. Before doing that, it is important to identify the reasons behind the delay in a marriage, solve them and get your children ‘happily’ married.  

In our previous blog, Little Big Things to help you find a Well-settled Life Partner, we talked about how a change in thought process can help in finding a good life partner.

Here in this blog, we will talk about a few offbeat tips to get married on time. Have a look at them.  

Offbeat Tips to Get Married on Time

  • When your girl or boy reaches the age of marriage, you look for well-settled life partners for them. This is quite natural. What is not is to fix a deadline and tell them to get married by then. Hurried decisions may give worse results.

Instead, you can make a profile for your daughter/son at one of the top matrimonial sites in India and let them go through hundreds of profiles of boys and girls. To get your daughter/son married on time, plan ahead and begin early. This will also help them mentally prepare themselves to take responsibilities of a new family and be more committed towards their own duties.  

  • Today, many youngsters question the institution of marriage in India. Rising numbers  

Of domestic violence and the rate of divorce lead them to doubt the importance of marriage in life.

As parents, you can help your daughter/son to come out of this dilemma. Delay in the decision to get married delays the date of marriage itself. Hence, it is important to highlight the positive and the negative sides of a marriage.

Based on your own experience, you can give them tips on how to get along with people of a new family, how to hold on to patience, how to adjust, how to correct without being critical and how to spread joy. 

  • Many families believe in the compatibility of horoscopes for marriage. While we

Cannot deny the importance of compatible horoscopes for happy marriages, we can say that it’s not the ultimate reason behind a successful marriage.

Parents and children come into conflict if both sides remain rigid in their opinions. Hence, as a mature parent, you should consider all other aspects of the bride/groom. It is said that the seventh house and a few other houses provide guidance towards marriage. But being stuck only on Astrological guidance we may lose many a good match that come. If the girl and boy find each other and they both like each other, then the general guidance is we need not look at the horoscope match. If we are totally into horoscope match then we should know that there is always an upaya for solving the match concerns and we must do that and proceed with the marriage if all other matches are good for both families.

Sri Sri Ravishankar ji (Guruji) has explained in one of his discourses1 about the role of astrology as a guiding tool in life. Astrology charts or horoscopes can guide us through the ups and downs of life but they never say that our happiness or misery is predefined, and that we can change nothing in life.

  • Breach of trust is a big issue in modern marriages. Many girls and boys hesitate to

get married as they have trust issues which may have resulted from their own experiences or from what they have seen around. If your daughter or son is avoiding the question of marriage, have a cordial discussion with them to understand if they are having a trust issue.

Marriage experts suggest that a bride and a groom should discuss with each other the minutest details of their fears and doubts. As a parent, you can make your daughter/son realise the importance of forgiveness and to what extent a person should forgive her/his spouse, etc.

A mentally prepared girl or boy can say ‘yes’ to marriage right on time. Parents need to see that their children are mentally, physically and financially stable to share the responsibilities of a new family. It may be good to consider meeting a psychologist or a premarital counsellor to prevent any future concerns that stem from our own negative beliefs or irrational fears.