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E-Learning: Revolution to Future Enabler

E-Learning: Revolution to Future Enabler

If you are reading this blog then chances are that you have heard about E-learning! The term was coined in 1999 and it continues to shape, frame and give form to our education. This is my take on the technology which is omnipresent.

Most of us have already used e-learning. Either in college or on our first job! I remember the puzzle and happiness I personally felt by opting for e-learning on job. It allowed me to take exam at my time and yet gave me knowledge necessary to succeed in office competition. Sometimes a new technology is a “good to have thing” like new optical zoom in some smart phones. Other times technology BECOMES “the platform” for future. E-learning is out of the cradle and now at the forefront of knowledge spreading missions, reaching to far remote places like South Africa, Nigeria, remote corners of India and many more!

E-learning takes you from the lecture in a classroom to a bus ride or your drawing room, your favourite cafe or anywhere you can imagine!!!!!

It is this new realm that attracts the likes of Microsoft, Google and other corporate giants.

E-learning gives the same opportunity to an engineer in a small town as she would get in megacity.

“A boy from a small town Meerut, UP after engineering college studying between evening 8pm to morning 4am, operating a laptop with its base of plastic broken, keys coming loose, a boy used entry level smartphone with 128 kbps connection to download hours and hours of video and ebooks to learn new languages, to build code and test it, to eventually gaining confidence to appear and win hackathons and ultimately to be a Team lead in Google.”

But behind all these fascinating future, there is a fear of abusing learning in the name of technology. Television was invented to enhance the knowledge but now days people sit for hours in front of television and the result is no productive work done and communication with people is completely lost, Similarly e-learning was invented with the future that each and everyone get an access to education but sitting for hours in front of the gadget and not studying can lead to different future, since it also limits the human interaction and the success from e-learning completely depends on the amount of effort given by the student.

However, I think that “Now” the way people approach to things in the world is emerging on a positive side. The benefits of e-learning can be ripped when wisdom of teachers, encouragement of parents and curiosity of students is channelised and it can create a prospering future in this world.

 “The future is not some place we are going, but one we are creating. The paths are not to be found, but made. And the activity of making them changes both the maker and the destination”

                                                                                    —-Quote by John H. Schaar

As humanity continues to move towards moon to even Mars, e-learning acquires a new dimension.


  1. I am fortunate that, this boy is my nephew, the SON of my younger brother, who is no more in this world. He died on 1st June,2018, after completing his responsibilities. Still he is with us👌👍💐

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