Easy Steps To Add Date And Time To Your Images

You people always like to add some description to remember the old days with your images. For adding a description, most people use to write the details in image name so that it helps to remember that this picture was taken on this moment.

Similar if there are many pictures you use to make a folder of the word from which you remember that those images belong to that event happen in their life

There is no perfect way to give identity to easy and every image but no need to worry there is original first time released an application to make you remember those images details itself in every picture you click.


This app has its trademark for this unique idea the app name is AUTO STAMPER.

Previously people use to write a short description of the photocopy to remember the old memories. They apply to carry camera which was burdensome and costly and should be handled with care and slowly people started evolving with technology.

Golden Gate bridge

Nowadays people have the camera in mobile itself so now it’s so easy to click photos anywhere you want now you won’t even hire a cameraman for any occasion you pick up the phone and start clicking pics as much as you want.

But still, you won’t have the facility to add a description in the images so for that you need an app which helps you to detail time and date location signature in one image with various style and decoration where you won’t damage for sample check out this image

stamps on images

Auto Stamper has the feature of date and time description where you can write on which date day you have visited the location and what time you click the photo to remember your mesmerizing memory. 

The position of your date time can also alter even the font can be change suitable to your image background. 

Font colour can also be changed so that it doesn’t diminish with image colour it can be highlighted with a different colour on top of that you can even change the size of the date-time as per your wish.

Auto Stamper

There is one more availability to remember what was your exact location when you click the photo the app will automatically update what your current site is also the time and date keep on updating as per regular updates. 

These help you when you have no time to edit the details as there are chances of losing the exact moment where you want to click the shot.

This app also helps to add a logo or upload a logo in your images with other details. This can help you in two ways like if you are a freelancer or a brand itself than at that point, you can use your pic as a logo upload it this helps especially to freelancer photographer to let people know their identity.

Also, if you have your company or brand at that time, you can use a log which helps people to become aware of your brand.   

honeymoon photography

Signature a beautiful way to describe the picture with a short title expressing why was this photo click gives you an ambient way of enjoying the pics and remembering the memories.

It can help you with your research and clicking the pics of different images describing your research. Every universal app can be used differently for scientific use to study purpose to even remembering your old memories.

A new update in this for Sequence which helps you to click multiple pics by adding detail one time after which it continuously gets updates as per your wish.

in every stamp, there will be an option on position font colour and many other things which will add stars to your pics.