Ecommerce Advertising Strategy: How We Doubled PPC Sales?

Ecommerce Advertising Strategy: How We Doubled PPC Sales?

PPC (Pay-per-click) advertising is the most effective way that will help to drive sales and get new leads. So, this is natural that you want to optimize your PPC ads as it is the perfect economic advertising strategy. You can also take the advice from WordPress Website Design Company about the strategy to follow to generate the leads.

The one thing to focus on is that PPC campaigns are based on focusing on the specific target keywords that will help to attract more traffic on your website. This is a great strategy that will lower down the risk of getting the wrong leads and the conversion rates can be improved in the long run.

The paid advertisements are easily rolled out and you can even get quick results for your new business if you pick inbound marketing strategy such as SEO. But one should focus on the long term inbound strategy for your website that will help to drive more leads in a cost-effective manner. Along with the strategies, if you use the PPC campaigns then it will help to boost up the sales and will purely justify the expenses incurred for running all these campaigns.

Are you interested to know how you can make your PPC campaign double up your sales? Here are some of the strategies that will show you how you can optimize these PPC ads that will boost your sales and drive in the leads.

Upgrade Your List of Keywords Regularly When you think to present your first PPC campaign then you have to emphasize on several keywords. As you have to pay a specific amount for every keyword, it is more important to review the performance of every keyword. This will help you to eliminate the keywords that are not performing well.

You can also shift your budget from non-performing keywords to other keywords that are performing well. Along with it, don’t forget to add the negative keywords as you don’t get high rank from the wrong audience. The basic formula is experimenting and selects the one that will drive in target traffic.

Improve Performance of Your Website 

Now, the audience likes the websites that load quickly and they abandon the website that takes more than two minutes to load.

There are many tools available like Pingdom tools, GTmetrix that will help you check how fast your website loads.


Google year over year (YOY) have come up with explosive mobile growth. However, mobile growth is decreasing at a high rate as the Google YOY growth rate is 45%. You will be surprised to know that laptops and desktops have experienced a humongous growth rate for Google.

Awareness for Product Feed 

Google search and clicks have been just doubled up for Google shopping and to increase the paid search performance, you need to optimize your product feed properly. You have to make use of shopping feed attributes, pay attention to the inventory levels, accurate pricing, and product descriptions and titles.

If you are not working on them presently then add the custom labels on your feed. This will provide the flexibility to segment the feed by offering various attributes such as best sellers, seasonality, profit margin, and sale pricing. 

Make Sure You Have Accessible and Secure Website 

Accessible website means that the visitor can easily go through the website without any hitch and can browse smoothly. Accessibility depends on designing like using the correct font, using various content formats like videos and images, not forming much longer paragraphs, and maintaining the relevancy.

You have to follow a certain rule of thumb when it comes to the accessibility of the website. Along with it, you have to look over the website and focus on security. You should go for HTTPS rather than HTTP for security and to check that your PPC campaign doesn’t suffer because of the less trust of the visitor on your website.  

Work on Personalized Landing Pages 

If the business is operating in a certain area then you should work on creating personalized landing pages so that you hit the right people. You can Hire WordPress Developer who can help you in developing these landing pages.

If you are working on the multiple locations then you have to bifurcate them by their own landing page. This will help to make the user experience relevant and personal. It might sound difficult but it is very easy to execute when working with credible website builders. You just have to duplicate the pages that are dependent on the location and after that optimize the copy to reflect this.

Infuse the Ad Extensions 

Ad extensions are referred to as the free ad that you can use with your paid campaigns, you can take advantage of it. Some examples of PPC campaign add extensions are callout, site link, and review extensions. This will help the visitor to know about your website very well as you can also tell them about the offering provided by your website.

There are other extensions available that you can opt for the visitor to contact or call directly.

Think of Re-Marketing Strategy

Remarketing strategies are referred to as when we track the visitor of the website then send them advertisements on other sites or on social media. 

It is an effective strategy that will help in converting the leads and achieve the paying consumers. Especially when the consumers are not ready to buy the products for the first time or you are unable to find a way to connect to them like getting their contact details or email address.

Capitalize on FOMO

FOMO is referred to as fear of missing out. This is a great tactic that will help to drive more traffic and sales to your website. There are plenty of tactics available that goes very well and also the campaigns, this is certainly the best combination for the growth of the website.

Through your PPC ad, use the scarcity that will drive users in. Take use of different phrases like “Sale ending in one day” or “Get one buy two”. This will generate the feeling of FOMO in the customers.

You can also infuse this FOMO on your landing page that will attract the consumer and will be eager to grab your limited offer. 

Go For A/B Tests

With the help of A/B tests will work well for your ad campaign and it will be like a practice that you do regularly. There are too many factors involved that have an impact on consumer propensity to click and buy a product. With the A/B test, you can test the elements that will lead to more conversions.

You can create different versions of your landing page. After this, test their headlines and designs, like this think of different ways. You can also run the A/B test for your Google Ads, go through their experiments tab to run the test. This will link you to the different landing page from where you can constantly experiment.

Focus on Channels That Lead to More Conversions 

Over time, you will realize that with the ad channels you are able to generate high conversion leads. If the budget that you have finalized is spread on various platforms then start with the search engine or you can also mix different social networks like LinkedIn or Instagram. This will help you to know which platform is providing you high conversion rates.

This is a time consuming process, it will take time to know which channels are performing best. But once you are cleared then you can invest more in that specific platform that will lead to driving more traffic. This will lead to high conversion rates and also improves your return on investment.

Work on Copywriting Skills 

Copywriting plays a crucial role while creating a PPC ad campaign. The reason behind it as these ads will pop up on the search engine results so you don’t have much access to add videos and images.

Apart from this, your copy will become the center and front. If you are working on your first PPC campaign then the perfect way to get a return on investment is to hire a quality copywriter who has worked on successful campaigns.

If you are having a B2B business then hire the experienced B2B copywriter that will market your service to your target consumer. 

Winding Up 

Even if you are working on your third or fourth PPC campaign but then too it is important to focus on the effective strategy and tips that will eventually help in optimizing the advertisement, boost up sales, and increase conversions. You can choose the strategies mentioned above that will help in making your PPC campaign more effective. One advice is that you should not be afraid of experimenting and finding new ways to make your ads effective.

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