Effects of Hyperbaric Therapy in Sports

Effects of Hyperbaric Therapy in Sports

Whether you are a professional linebacker, a high school player, or a weekend player, injuries are a part of this journey. However, the issue here is that injuries impact the performance and quality of life of athletes. Many athletes are not able to offer proper attention to sports or normal daily life after a series of injuries. 

For instance, it happens when an athlete suffers from issues like concussions, anterior cruciate ligaments, elbow pain, or chronic shoulder pain due to injury. While athletes consider therapy to return to normal life eventually and maximize the potential of their bodies, healing requires its own time. 

Hyperbaric therapy for immunity is a treatment option to improve oxygen concentration in the body, hence, reducing inflammation and other disease-causing elements. HBOT is known to strengthen our immune system to fight against injury, inflammation, and other issues. 

For this reason, it is being currently utilized by athletes for wound healing, quick recovery phase, and sports injuries. Injuries like joint pain, tendon issues, and concussions can be treated with the help of HBOT therapy to some extent. 

We all know about the New York Jets player Joe Namath, who suffered various head injuries. He suffered memory loss, anxiousness, focus problems, and severe irritability problems. He utilized hyperbaric therapy for immunity regularly to deal with symptoms and it helped him with every issue.

This article will discuss hyperbaric therapy for immunity in sports. Let’s see how athletes can benefit from HBOT therapy. 

What is Hyperbaric Therapy for Immunity?

Hyperbaric therapy for immunity is treatment including two major elements: oxygen and pressure. During this therapy, pure oxygen is offered under increased pressure. Since gases have the ability to dissolve in liquids at increased pressure, higher pressure in the HBOT chamber helps the oxygen to dissolve in our bodily liquids.

Usually, our body has the power to carry oxygen via red blood cells only. Therefore, during any injury, red blood cells are not able to surpass inflammation, which means slow recovery. Further, damaged tissues around the area restrict appropriate oxygen flow.

Using HBOT therapy allows us to increase carriers of oxygen. As a result, bodily fluids, such as the lymph, and plasma can transport oxygen to diseased tissues, cells, and organs. Proper oxygen fuels our body into action and the healing process accelerates. 

Hyperbaric therapy for immunity is actually able to help athletes in various health ailments, including:

  • Oxidative stress
  • Neuroinflammation
  • Cerebral hypoperfusion
  • Gastrointestinal inflammation
  • Mitochondrial dysfunction

Healing Quickly After Sports Injuries With HBOT

After an injury, if an athlete receives HBOT therapy, it leads to a decrease in inflammation, increase in stem cell generation, improvement in vascular flow, regeneration of cartilage and bone, and reduction in the speed of scar formation. These activities together contribute to quick healing and injury recovery in the body. 

In the given review, hyperbaric therapy for immunity was utilized in collaboration with stem cell injections, platelet-rich plasma, and other therapies that promote healing. The results were amazing. Athletes with sports-related injuries, such as concussions, can receive accelerated healing and better quality of life according to this review. 

Another case when HBOT therapy helps athletes is when they have gone through ACL repair. As adjunctive therapy, hyperbaric therapy for immunity increases the success rate and decreases the rate of recovery. 

In yet another news, it was revealed that Terrel Owens, an NFL player, used HBOT therapy to quickly recover from a ligament tear and leg injury. They returned for the Super Bowl the same year, same season; to surprise many. 

In another study, we found that hyperbaric therapy for immunity can improve the impact of stem cell therapy. It can, in turn, allow athletes to recover faster from injuries. 

Athletes Use HBOT For Reasons Other Than Injuries Too

Although a large number of athletes utilize hyperbaric therapy for immunity to heal from injuries quickly, many others use the therapy to maximize and improve their performance. 

For example, Michael Phelps, a well-known Olympic swimmer was famous for using HBOT therapy in-between his workout sessions to recover from injuries quickly. During the training sessions for Summer Olympics 2012 in London, Michael was frequently seen climbing into the chamber for accelerated recovery from injuries. 

Another example is Rafael Soriano, a retired baseball player. He used to relax in the HBOT chamber to recover from regular practice sessions. His recovery sessions or routine necessarily included HBOT therapy. He once explained that he didn’t feel tired or as much exhausted after receiving the HBOT therapy. 

Even Rashad Jennings, who is from the New York Giants is known for his unusual game habits. After every game or rigorous training session, he used to sleep in the HBOT chamber to allow his body to heal naturally. It was a routine for him to receive HBOT therapy for accelerated healing. 


Hyperbaric therapy for immunity is an oxygen-based therapy that helps athletes recover from injury and maintain their performance streak for the longest. Many athletes already utilize this therapy to heal fast and get to the game faster. 

However, any athlete with any underlying health condition should take medical advice for a proper HBOT therapy regimen.