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Enjoy the Magic of High Fidelity Audio with Apple AirPods Max

Enjoy the Magic of High Fidelity Audio with Apple AirPods Max


Sound and silence have always been with us from the beginning of civilization. They are very crucial aspects of one’s life. With them, one can enjoy the pleasure of serenity; which usually most of us lack in our haphazard life. Like sound, silence also has its own importance for example; without proper silence, you can’t hear any sound clearly. That’s why we can say that both of them are interrelated to each other and essential for life.

But there is one sound that evokes our feelings; it is music. What is music? It is a form of art and culture; that makes its way through the medium of sound. For a general definition; we can say that it includes some elements like rhythm, pitch and dynamics.

Every type or style of music creates its own unique impression on people. But with the introduction of innovative technology; we can now enjoy music in its best form with the Apple AirPods Max.

Apple AirPods Max

Apple AirPods Max

Apple AirPods Max is a unique Bluetooth over-ear headphone, which is designed and created by Apple. They released it on December 15, 2020. It is also considered as the Top-end option, in Apple’s AirPods lineup. In this lineup, there are two more models available: the base model AirPods and mid-range model AirPods Pro.

The special headphone from Apple can bring harmony to your listening by providing a proper balance of exhilarating high fidelity audio. Enjoy the most out of your favourite music with it. The main difference that you can find in it from the mid-range AirPods pro is it’s over the ear design along with its larger speakers.


Other key differences are its longer battery life, colour options and inclusion of Apple’s Digital Crown. Enjoy theatre-like sound clarity with it. Apple has used its H1 chip in it; which they have also used in their second-generation AirPods Pro and AirPods. With its revolutionary Active Noise Cancellation technology, it will mitigate the disturbance of noise; which can ruin your listening experience.

The Transparency mode that comes with it helps you hear sounds from around you; while listening to songs. Other than its crystal clear sound; you will also be a fan of its outstanding design; which is exceptional for quality listening. Similar to the Apple watch; it also allows users to control volume, activate Siri, skip tracks, play and pause the audio and control phone calls.

For an unhindered listening experience, Apple has used a unique proximity sensor in it that helps it to detect the user’s head to play or pause the audio.

Key Aspects of Apple AirPods Max

There are a variety of features available in it, but here we are going to give you brief information about some of its key factors that are mentioned below.


The over-ear headphone’s design has been completely reimagined by Apple. In it, they have made changes from cushion to the canopy. The changes make it uncompromising and deliver absolute performance. The design difference also offers optimal acoustic seals and varies according to different head shapes.

The headband used in it is made from breathable knit mesh that distributes the weight uniformly. Its stainless steel frame is covered with soft to touch material; that resembles its combination of comfort, flexibility and strength. The anodised aluminium cups used in it is a futuristic move; that allows the cup to balance pressure by rotating independently.

Apple AirPod design

Colour Choices

Apple has offered a fine change in its AirPods Max; by offering it five colours to choose from. Now you can select your favourite headphone from five different colours that suit your style sense. Those colours are white, green, red, blue and black.

Apple AirPods Max color

Good Audio Quality

Do you want to experience an ethereal audio experience? Then you can go for it; since it comes with high fidelity audio and also has industry-leading Active Noise Cancellation.

Each custom-built driver used in it; effectively produces sounds along with ultra-low distortion. Now enjoy every note with a new sense of clarity. For an immersive listening experience, there is the use of six outward-facing microphones; which helps it to detect noise from the environment and two inward-facing microphones to know what you are hearing.

Apple AirPods Max quality


Apple AirPods Max will take you to the magical world of sound. It comes with all wireless technology used by Apple’s AirPods. Make your everyday listening completely fluid with AirPods Max. The innovative headphone comes with one tap setup. You can connect it by tapping connect on your screen; while placing it near to your device (iPhone or iPad).

If you are playing music on Mac and want to take a call on your iPhone; then it will seamlessly switch over without any hassle. The audio sharing is another revolutionary feature of this Airpod. This feature helps it to connect to any other Apple device ( iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or Apple TV); Just by being near to it.

With its futuristic power saving case, AirPods Max enters into an ultra low power state to preserve charge for a longer duration. In research, it is found that it offers 20 hours of listening, talk time or watching movies with spatial audio and Active Noise cancellation enabled. With a five minute quick charge; you can listen to music for 1.5 hours. Listen to all your favourite music in a perfect way with Apple AirPods Max.
Apple AirPods Max is available at most of the exclusive Apple stores around the globe. You can also choose to get it online if you prefer, since the trend of online shopping in Norway has been growing steadily over the past few years and the services have become more prompt and reliable. Many online stores provide such exclusive products at attractive prices.