Everything to Know about Georgia State Law in Adoption

Everything to Know about Georgia State Law in Adoption

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Challenges Faced by Adoptive Parents:

Georgia State Law has focused on some of the challenges that are faced by the parents who adopt the child. The challenges are mostly psychological, emotional and from the society, because the families who are financially strong are eligible to apply for adoption.

The Long Adoption Process:

The process of adoption can sometimes spread out to a period of weeks even a month. There are several factors that can result in the delay. International adoption can take even more time because of the variations in the foreign policies of the country of adoption. 

Recognition of Child’s Birth Culture:

At many times the child who is adopted can belong to another race and ethnic, so a big problem that the parents face is to let the child continue with the culture and at many times the religion to which he/ she belongs.

Improper Behavior of others:

It is a very irritating habit of people that they interfere too much in the lives of others. They try to impose their own opinions and ask uncomfortable questions regarding the adoption. These relatives don’t think before speaking nonsense about the child and adoption.

Adoption not Accepted by all:

One can think that the friends, neighbors and co-workers can disconnect you from their circle; your own family can’t break off their relation with you. But some families take adoption as a negative thing and show an indifferent attitude towards the child which can be a mental stress for the parents.

Problems for the Adopted Child:

Parents are adults but still, they face emotional and social difficulties so think how much psychological stress and pressure the child undergoes especially after the adoption. Some children quickly recover from the whole process; some take time but others never accept the reality that they have new parents.

Emotions of Sadness and Lost:

This situation occurs when the child is old enough to understand that he/ she is being given to a person or couple who are not their parents. No one wants to be separated from their parents so the children who have adopted experience emotions of sadness and feel that they are lost.

Loss of Identity Feared:

The information shared in adoption is very limited and the child has no way of knowing to which race, religion or ethnic they truly belong. When they grew older and find out that they don’t belong to the family then there is a battle of identity in the child.

Facing Different Challenges:

When an older child is adopted and has to go to another city or country; then he/ she faces different challenges. The child can have many issues like bonding with the family, accepting new friends and family members. 

Not Coping in the New Home:

There are many children who easily cope with the changes in their lives. They don’t feel they are in a strange house. But others go through emotional and psychological stress of adapting to the new people, place and environment.

Know Everything about Georgia State Law in Adoption:

If you are going to a good thing about adopting a child then you have to know everything about the process from any renowned adoption lawyer in Georgia like Tom Tebeau who will provide you with the best advice.

Different Kinds of Adoptions:

The very first thing that you have to is the various types of adoptions from which you can choose. There are basically seven types of adoptions; Third- Party Adoption, Independent Adoption, Relative Adoption, Stepparent Adoption, State Adoption, Private Agency Adoption and Foreign Adoption.

What is Open Adoption?

The information concerning both the families is exchanged and shared with each other. They can make direct contact and can ask questions regarding the child.

Telling about Closed Adoption:

The birth parents never know who the adoptive parents of the child are and vice versa. This adoption can be done for infants who don’t know who their real parents are. The information regarding the birth parents is sealed. 

Foreign and Domestic Adoption:

When couples want to adopt a child who belongs to another country then laws of international adoption is practiced. It is called international or foreign adoption. A person who takes in a child who is living in the same country then it is known as domestic adoption. It has further two categories; intrastate when a child is adopted within the state but from another city, whereas, in interstate adoption, the child is from another state.

Adopting through State or Privately:

Both the state and private agents and agencies help people in the adoption process. The court has the full authority to decide for the child and puts him/ her in the care of a person. Privately adopting means that both the families have the right to decide whether to adopt a child or not according to the Georgia State Law.