Explore The Best Islands Around The World

Explore The Best Islands Around The World

Islands are some of the most amicable places in the world where you will find whirlwinds of adventure, mini gateways, and fun resorts. The white sandy beaches, startling sunset, and coral reefs are some of the scenes that make the islands extremely special. There are plenty of gorgeous islands in the world, and picking up one is a complicated job. However, you don’t have to worry because we have compiled a list of the most beautiful islands. These are heaven on earth, and you cannot afford to miss the chance of exploring them.

Whitsundays, Australia

The earth’s most expensive coral reef system, the delicate Great Barrier Reef supports more than 1500 species of fishes, octopuses, dolphins, and whales. The 74 Whitsundays Islands are adjoined with the Great Barrier Reef. To enjoy the lively environment of these Islands, you can bask at Hamilton Island, or you can take a helicopter flight to Heart Reef. They are scattered like the pearls of aquamarine velvet and provide an unmatched ground for campers, fishermen, and divers. If you are living in Pakistan and want to visit the Whitsundays islands, then never forget to check cheap flights from Lahore to Greece.

The Maldives

Maldives is a chain of more than 1000 islands located in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Among these 1000 islands, only 5 have any substantial population. These islands are surrounded by white sandy beaches and are filled with friendly natives. Witnessing the breathtaking view of 1000 coral islands of Maldives has its own charm. The weather remains cool and dry from November to May, and therefore, it is the best time to visit Maldives.

Sicily, Italy

Not only is Sicily ideal for bird-watching, but it is also a perfect place for hiking lovers. The historical and architectural jewels to decorate the island, and the cultural displays are located around every corner. Apart from the architecture, you will also discover green meadows and tall volcanoes. Since Italy is famous for its food, each part of Sicily has its own delicious meal. The most significant food items of Sicily include:

  • Bottarga
  • Pizza
  • Fiorentina Steak
  • Carbonara Pasta
  • Truffles

With the chances of enjoying so many things in one place, Sicily should definitely be your next vacation spot.  

Maui, Hawaii

From amazing hikes and scenic views to the premium golf courses, Maui is elegantly perfect. You can swim under the waterfalls, enjoy a delicious Hawaiian meal, or climb the towering cliffs. Thousands of people head to this island to spend their vacations and to create unforgettable memories. At Maui, you may also get a chance to witness a volcano that rises to more than 10,000 feet and offers dreamlike views of sunset and sunrise. If you are curious about exploring the best Islands in the world, then this one’s for you.

Crete, Greece

Considered as the largest islands of Greece, Crete boasts the paradise-like beaches with crystal clear water. The coastline of Crete is 650 miles long, and therefore, you can discover the empty beaches on this gorgeous island. Apart from limpid water, Crete also has stunning valleys, jaw-dropping mountains, and steep gorges. If you are a waterfall lover, then Crete is an ideal place for you, considering that it has hundreds of phenomenal waterfalls. Greece borders Turkey, and so, it is super easy for Turkish citizens to visit this island though Turkish Airlines online flight booking.  

Palawan, Philippines

If you want to find paradise in Philippine, then head to panoramic Palawan. The bright limestone peaks rising from the sea are so clear that you can even observe the expressions on the fish from above the surface. Under the water, you will see the gleaming coral reefs shining with the tropical fish. Moreover, the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park is the officially recognized World Heritage site that boasts a sophisticated cave system with underground water.

Fiji Islands

Located in the South Pacific, Fiji Islands depict an infinite tropical fantasy. With more than 300 islands to choose from, it is effortless to find a serene island that matches your style and budget. Even though all the Fiji islands are not appropriate to visit, some islands offer luxury hideaways and friendly resorts for the people who are hungry for exploration. Here is a list of some of the Fiji islands where you can lavishly spend your vacations:

  • Yasawa Island
  • Viti Levu
  • Taveuni
  • Kadavu
  • Wakaya Island


We have elaborated a comprehensive list of all the best islands in the world. All of them have their own charisma and attraction. We truly hope that you will find innovative things to explore on every island. If you have made up your mind to visit these Islands, then do not wait, and instantly book an online ticket from Faremakers, Pakistan’s largest online travel company.