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Secret Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Car Battery For Better Performance

Secret Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Car Battery For Better Performance

The weather is turning just perfect for a long drive ‘far from the madding crowd’. You will be thrilled to think about the breezy air plays with your hair under the blue bright sky. However, your dream come true plan can turn into a nightmare for your Car Battery. If it will fall flat on a highway, nothing can be worse than that. Moreover, modern vehicles don’t show any sign prior so that you can take some precautionary steps.

Do you know, a recent study revealed that 50% of the incident of flat battery happens when people are away from home? For the excitement of the journey, we forget to check the condition of the Car Battery and end up in some miserable condition.

It is very natural that like our mobile phone battery, this lead-acid Car Battery has a limited life span and with time it loses the ability to hold a charge for long and does not help the car to start. Generally, it has been shown that a Car Battery can last up to 42 months which is quite variable depending on several factors like extreme temperature, charging circuit of the battery and length of the journey it has taken.

No matter what condition you have your car in; the following tips will surely help Car Battery to perform better.

  1. Avoid Short Trip:
    The Car Battery starts the engine of the car with the charge it gathers while the journey. In case, you are driving for a short distance, the battery does not get time to regain the charge required to start again. If you follow the practice on a daily basis, your battery voltage will eventually reduce and lose its ability to start the car. You have to drive your car for a longer period of time to maintain the charge of the battery. In case, you don’t have the option to use the car regularly, then find an alternative way to frequently charge your battery.

  2. Fasten the Battery Tightly:
    The vibration of the journey can hamper the life of the battery. Make sure that the battery clamp holds down it in the right way to avoid all sorts of tremor. Moreover, excessive vibration can damage the internal parts of the battery that may result in a short circuit as well. On the other hand, it never over tightens the nuts of the clamp as it may also harm it as well.

  3. Minimize The Power Use:
    It is a very bad practice to keep the headlights or internal lights on while the engine is off. It will decrease the charge of the battery that likes to stay fully charged always. Before leaving the vehicle, you have to ensure all the lights and gadgets are off.

  4. Keep The Battery Clean:
    We barely take a look at the battery to check whether it is clean or not. Interestingly, cleaning the outer surface is an important task that will affect the performance and longevity of the battery. The dirt and grime can discharge the battery that can create a short circuit to flat the Car Battery.

With all of these tips, you can have an extended life of the battery that will help to run your car smoothly.

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