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Facebook Introduces New Video Publishing Tools

Facebook Introduces New Video Publishing Tools

Recently in the international Broadcast Convention, Facebook introduces the new features & tools for video editing for Facebook.

These new tools are known as Creator Studio, Facebook Live and Watch Parties

Following we are going to discuss these new features and tools.

Facebook Live

They are adding a wide range of features in Facebook Live, including replay trimming, live rehearsals and live broadcasting.

On rehearsal, Facebook said that this feature uses to provide an option by which the broadcaster can provide their video to the page admins and editors only. Which will allow the admins to test video before sharing with the audience? It will help in the interacting audience more reliably.

They also introduce the trimmers’ option by which publishers are enabled to cut off some beginning and end part of the video.

.”Broadcasters start a live video stream before the action starts. This stand by slate can make the critical initial seconds of the recorded video less attractive. With this trimming feature, video publishers can specify exactly when they want the action to begin. And also can cut off the last few seconds of the live broadcast as needed.”

Most of the options are built-in similar to the trimming feature, so it’s typically moving in line with wide-ranging video trends. Definitely, by way of Facebook notes. Those first seconds when publishers or broadcasters are often saying their hellos and waiting for the audience to join can be painful when checking out a replay. Click here to know about Facebook accounts.

They are also extending the time limitation of the live broadcast to 8 hours while using the live broadcast API. 

Information: The former limitations of the live video was 4Hours

“We identify that some video publishers need longer live video broadcasting times to accommodate things like news days, sporting events and gaming broadcasts. So, this update will help them to capture the full length of these events. E.g., NASA used this new feature to broadcast an 8-hour spacewalk.”

 Wow, that sounds look cool.

Facebook did introduce a continuous live-stream feature back in 2016. By which publisher must b able to broadcast live video 24/7, but that option does not enable replays. It is still only available to some of the selected partners. The 8 hours’ limits are available for everyone now.

As we can see that live video is very good at getting the audience’s interaction. It is a crucial element for maximizing reach on the Facebook audience. Although, if you have not considered it before maybe its value-giving the option another looks. 

Watch Party Feature for Video

With the addition of the live stream on Facebook, they are also keen to introduce a watch party feature. By which the user is unable to watch video content in groups in real-time and also can interact with them by commenting and liking these party videos. Facebook says that the audience is eight times more likely to comment on videos in a Watch Party than when watching on their own — adding another thought for your Facebook video options to maximize engagement (and reach).

To get more output from this feature of Facebook, they are now adding the Watch Party schedule. By which publisher can generate an announcement post where people can select options to be notified when the Watch Party starts.

They have also added Watch Party replays. By which the user will showcase the video and related discussion created within the Party. It is for those who did not catch the Party live so they can enjoy it after

There are also exciting things for brands. Facebook allows pages to tag with their business partners in their brand content watch party. It is how both parties can see can watch out the performance of the watch party. It is the first step by Facebook to decrease both costs. It is how to watch Party also can be used as businesses.

Facebook has already added matrices. So, the page owner can get how’s their watch party is getting viewership.

These two matrices discussed below:

  • Unique 60s Viewers – total number of audience who is watching your watch party
  • Minutes Viewed – the total amount of watch time

Creator Studios

We can see that Creator Studio is becoming one of the critical focus of Facebook. There are new features (i.e. Native Instagram scheduling) added into the expanding app

For enhancing its functionality, Facebook has added new visualization in it known as “loyalty Insight” ”Loyalty Insights’ element. Which will allow you to know that which of your video more interaction with viewers

They have also added a new distribution matric. By which the user can allocate a score to each video’s performance based on the Page’s historic average across a range. 

Although Creator Studio is now also supporting 13 new languages for auto-captioning, adding to the four words (French, English, Spanish, and Portuguese) already available.

The languages added are: Tagalog, Tamil, Thai, Turkish, Urdu, Arabic, Chinese, German, Hindi, Italian, Malay, Russian, and Vietnamese.

 Video is becoming a critical point of getting user interaction. Facebook’s expert is already working on it so; they can compete the YouTube. We may see many new features or Video tools on Facebook.