Facts of Meditation

Facts of Meditation

Meditation is the most powerful way to control your mind as well as your subconscious mind. And if anyhow you can control your subconscious mind you can achieve anything in your life. And also doing meditation for a longer period of time is not an easy task and also not a cup of tea for people who don’t have much patience.

There are many people in the world who have been doing meditation form a long period of time. And also been very much successful. Thus, there are also many people in this world who have tried of doing meditation but they have been unsuccessful in doing it. These are because of many factors.

They might have found doing meditation as boring task or don’t have much patience and so on. Whatever the reasons are! all these are connected to only one thing and that is our subconscious mind. Whoever does meditation and have failed on their track, they all know that doing meditation is good for their life as well as their health and mental condition and it’s definitely true. But then also they feel it boring and they just leave doing it.

It’s all due to only one thing and that is the programs that are running on their subconscious mind. They have been programmed their subconscious mind that meditation is hard, boring and so on. To do meditation every day and to make it interesting, so that it doesn’t feel bored anymore, you need to reprogramme your subconscious mind.

You have to reprogram your subconscious mind to do meditation, then only you can feel meditation as an interesting topic and will do it on a regular basis. Many of the people while doing meditation they think that to do proper meditation they need to make their mind silent and seat in a silent environment to avoid outer noise.

But actually it’s not true, to do proper meditation actually you need to do nothing. Just stay calm for some time, and after a while, your mind will become silent instantly. Just close your eyes, don’t try to look anywhere, just keep your eyes in the middle and seat straight. And take 10 deep breath counting 1 to 10. After that, your mind will become silent immediately after doing it for some moments. Meditation doesn’t means to do something, it means to do nothing. Don’t try to make your mind become silent by trying it! let your mind get silent automatically.

To make your mind silent automatically, you need to, first of all, reprogram your subconscious mind for doing it. You have to reprogram your subconscious mind in such a way that if someday you don’t wish to do meditation then also your subconscious mind will make you do. Our mind is classified into two parts one is the subconscious mind and the other is the conscious mind. If we talk about the power of both the minds, then the power of the subconscious mind much higher than the power of conscious mind power.

The conscious mind does the things that we want to do or make our minds to do. But the subconscious mind, it doesn’t follow any rules, it does what he likes, what he wants and also which one necessary at that moment. For example- if we want to drink water from a glass that is placed at the table, we need to send a message from our mind to the cells of our hands to pick up the glass and drink the water.

The process of sending messages from the brain cells to other cells through the nerves is very fast so doesn’t take much time. So, when we want to drink water from a glass our body cells get activated and pick the glass from the table to bring the glass close to our mouth. Therefore, actually it is a process that we have taught our conscious mind to do. And due to which, it does what we have told him to do.

On the other hand, our heartbeat, our tissues, and membranes, organs – this also needs some sort of signal from somewhere to run. And thus this all is been controlled by our subconscious mind automatically. Actually we can’t control the activity of a subconscious mind, it does automatically what is necessary.

We can’t control our heartbeat, our heartbeat runs at a constant rate, we can’t make it move one timeless or more. Similarly, if we activate any activity from our real-life like mediation into our subconscious mind. Then after that, you don’t have to worry about doing meditation from the next time. It makes you done on a regular basis and even makes you stay healthy and stress relief. Meditation requires a lot of patience and some proper knowledge about doing it. There are a lot of processes and steps are there in meditation. To achieve all the steps of meditation, it will take some time. It will not happen in a single day.