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Father: A Silent Backbone

Father: A Silent Backbone

The amazing and life-altering gift which I have received in my life is My Father. He is my “HERO”!!!! My mother is my heart and he is my silent backbone. My father is my first love. Even more, The bond I have with my father is strong, immovable and long-lasting.

Like mine, your father is also a superhero for you.

Likewise, the kind of relationship we have with our father is the foundation of all the relationships we have in our lives. A girl will always be in search of a man who is like her father and a boy would like to be exactly like his father.

A Father always contributes to the welfare of his child under any circumstances. Therefore, he always strives to keep his child high in education and in society. He always strives for the future of his child.

He gives education to his child, morals to live in society. Hence, he is someone who is always on his toes and leaves no stone unturned to make his child’s career.

happy father's day

When our father does so much for our life then there has to be a day dedicated to him. Right?

Father’s Day is celebrated across the world to honour the contribution of fathers in society. Above all, father’s day is the day of celebrating the beautiful bond between a father and his children.

You can recall, recognize and remember the endless efforts, initiatives, and contributions of your father.

Origin of the Father’s Day

The initiative of celebrating Father’s Day was taken by Spanish and Portuguese. They brought this culture of celebrating Father’s Day to Latin America. Now, Father’s Day is celebrated in more than 111 countries across the world on different dates. In India, Father’s Day is celebrated in India on every third Sunday of June.

There are many stories associated with the origin of Father’s Day. So, One of the stories was, in  1910, Sonora Smart Dodd, from Spokane, Washington started this day after she came to know about Mother’s day. Finally, Sonora Smart Dodd told to pastors that we should have a similar day like Mother’s day and we should honour father as well.

Initially, she suggested the date should be June 5, but due to unavailability of time with pastors to prepare a sermon, the day was pushed to the third Sunday of June.

This year Father’s Day is on the 16th of June. So, Don’t forget to post your pictures with your father on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms to relish these pictures in future.

Just take at least 5 minutes of your time every day and talk to him. That’s it. Above all, They are not expecting crores from you. Father is the one who is going to be with you all the time.

Be humble. Be human. Thank you!!!

Finally, This blog is dedicated to all the fathers in this world. So, Please comment below with how you are going to celebrate or you have celebrated Father’s Day with your loving, charming and superhero father.