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FlexClip Review: Free Online Video Maker to Edit Videos Easily

FlexClip Review: Free Online Video Maker to Edit Videos Easily

With the creation of social networks where videos are shared, just like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and even Instagram, the idea of recording videos and editing them is not something exclusive for professionals. Now you just need a good computer and a camera, which can be up to the smartphone, and some software that helps you do the video editing. The latter has also become much simpler, because you do not even need to pay, download and install a specialized program, but you can do everything through the browser. The main advantage of using an online video editor is that you don’t need a very powerful computer and download heavy updates that affect the performance of your computer.

There are numerous options to edit videos from your Web browser (YouTube editor, Magistro, Loopster, etc.). In this article, we will talk about, in my opinion, the easiest option: FlexClip.

FlexClip: An easy way to edit your videos.

Perhaps it is a slightly less known tool now, but I thought FlexClip might be the easiest video editor which you should try out. It makes video editing a simple matter, removing parts of the element that the user does not like, and correcting what you want to keep, in addition to improving it by increasing quality, including record voice-over and add background music to tell the story or insert the caption texts you want to convey. You don’t need to have skills or talent for video editing, since in FlexClip pages, everything is easily done. It also has the necessary function characteristic to result in a video with the best image quality, audio and effects.

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Its main advantage is its ease of use and the options it has for sharing projects. In addition, it has a free plan to download a video in HD resolution. The intuitive interface allows basic modifications to be made quickly and easily. As I mentioned above, you can work with video, photos, audio, text and even logo. Of course, you can save projects as drafts to edit whenever you want.

Its negative point is that it can become too simple, since its editing tools are very basic, but you can use it as a complement.

The operation of FlexClip is extremely simple and is roughly divided into 4 main steps.

Step 1: Registration. 

At first, you need to access through your Facebook, Google or email account. You can save the videos that are made as drafts in your project, so that you can log in again to continue editing at a later time.

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Step 2: Choose from predefined templates or directly upload your own files.

FlexClip offers a wide range of video templates to boost your creativity, whether you want to create a personal video story or a business video. Of course, you can also upload your own files to the storyboard if you want. FlexClip supports most of the popular formats (MOV, WEBM, M4V, and MP4), so that you can import video without any delay.


Step 3: Customize your video.

You will find that FlexClip is basically a drag-and-drop tool. Those who are not satisfied with what these templates provided can easily customize them. It has many functions, all you will need and even a little more, such as trim or split video clips, add caption text, insert some music, upload logo icons and even record a voice-over, etc. What’s more, you can also change the aspect ratio of the video, such as 16:9, 1:1, 9:16.

Step 4: Save and download the video to your PC.

To download it, you need to click on the “export project” button and FlexClip will enable you to export videos in different resolutions including 480p, 720p, and 1080p a few minutes later. At last, you will be ready to share it on your favorite social networks.